Review 2024 – Understanding AI Copywriting

If you’re looking for an AI-based tool that helps you generate blog content, marketing copy, or social media posts, can be a good option.

As the name suggests, is used to generate online copy. It is built on GPT-3 and offers professional features such as teamspaces, projects, and workflows.

While it is designed to generate all types of content, it is largely geared towards marketers. For example, if you’re looking for an ad copy for an online campaign, can be the right tool. And since it has a free version, there’s a lot you can explore without paying.

Quick Verdict can be a trusted copy generator for an online marketer. It can generate sales ideas and write creative text for your social media, email, and other campaigns.

If you’re having a writer’s block, will sort it out. It does your brainstorming for you and lets you go directly to decision making.

Key Takeaways

  • is a content generation platform based on GPT-3
  • You can create blog posts and ad copy for marketing campaigns using
  • It offers automation tools such as Workflows that can manage small tasks for you
  • offers team collaboration tools such as Teamspaces so you can share your work with others
  • You can use any workflow as an API to integrate it with other platforms
  • It offers a free account

How We Tested the Product

I tested by giving it different tasks. Some of them were related to brainstorming, some included generating copy, and then some others were about creative writing. It gave good results almost every time.

The grammar and spelling were perfect and the tool is versatile, delivering accurate solutions for all types of questions.

Most of the results came in just a few seconds of giving the prompt. Workflows can take a bit longer. I tested different features of such as creating projects, testing workflows, creating infobase, and setting up a brand voice.

I was happy with the results and I found it to be a very useful and easy tool.

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of the platform.

Copy AI Pros and Cons

Pros 👍

  • Powered with GPT-3 which gives highly accurate results
  • Easy to use with a simple interface
  • Geared towards marketers as it focuses on ad copy
  • Comes with options for team collaboration
  • Writes blog posts, sales copies, and creative content
  • Allows to add a brand voice
  • Available as a free version

What is is an AI-based text generation tool. While it sounds pretty basic when I put it this way, it’s actually much more than that. Granted, it’s powered by GPT-3 but it comes with additional features too.

It lets you save your “chats” as different projects based on your requirements. You can create one project for creative content, another for email marketing, and yet another for sales copies. also lets you build a voice for your brand so your content is uniform throughout the copy.

It lets you create workflows. Workflows will handle simple tasks for you. Or you can create a chain of workflows to make it run a slightly complex task.

For example, you can ask the AI assistant to create a competitor analysis report. It will analyze their website and G2 reviews to create a report. Or you can ask it to summarize a webinar transcript and send customized emails to everyone invited.

You can create Teamspaces and set the visibility of your projects. For example, some projects might be shared with your teams but others can be more private and visible only to you.

There is also a Labs feature that can be accessed by paid members. Here you’ll find everything that’s still under experimentation and hasn’t been launched yet.

How Does Work? is built on GPT-3. It is currently working on including GPT-4 in its platform but it’s currently under experimentation and available only to paid users. It utilizes a deep neural network architecture developed by OpenAI.

To use it, a user just has to sign up on the platform and start using the free version. It has a simple GPT-like chatbot where you enter your problems and it will deliver solutions.

Here you can enter the specifications of the kind of content you’re looking for. For example, you can ask the chatbot to write a blog post on a specific topic. As an example, I will give it a basic task to write a sales copy. Here are the results:

It was a rather simple task. You can include all the specifications so it can generate the right copy for your product.

It’s very simple and can be used by anyone. It does have some other features as well, which I will discuss in this review. But if you’re a new marketer who just wants blog and ad copies, just the chatbot will be enough for you.

Pricing has three base pricing plans:

  • Free
  • Pro for $36/month
  • Team for $186/month

The Free plan is enough for a novice marketer. But if you want long-form articles and unlimited text generations, you’ll need to subscribe to the Pro plan.

For bigger businesses, there are three more plans:

  • Growth for $1,000/month
  • Expansion for $2,000/month
  • Scale for $3,000/month

If you’re an individual marketer, the Pro plan will be good for you.


Let’s begin exploring different features of


Team spaces are the areas shared with other members of your team. You can decide which projects are for sharing and which ones are private to you.

In the left panel, you can find the Teamspaces tab. Click on it to find all the spaces you have created. If you haven’t created any, you can click on New Teamspace to create a new one.

AI Tools

You can see two options under AI tools.

The chat tool is a GPT-based chatbot that will deliver solutions to your problems. As you generate more copies, you can divide them into projects based on your needs.

Automation lets you automate your tasks by creating workflows. It’s rather simple to create a workflow. Let me show you how.

Click on Workflows from the left panel.

Now click on Add Workflow

I added a new workflow to create a blog post.

Then I entered these details in the Content Brief: “New sneakers. White with colorful laces. Very comfortable. Come in all sizes”

And here is the output:

It gave me a blog post, title ideas, and even a meta description. It took 12 credits to generate this. Here is how the workflow looked:

You can also import and export the CSVs of your workflows.

You can also generate APIs of your workflows to integrate them into third-party apps. But this feature is available only to Pro members.


The last part on your left panel would be Assets. It contains Infobase and Brand Voice.

Infobase will let you save and reuse information. You can add some information and give it a name. So the next time you reference it (using the # symbol), will know what it means.

You can add new Info by clicking on Add Info.

You can add information about a certain product. Let’s say you want to save information on a product called “sneaker2.” You can add its details, such as it’s a pink sneaker used for running. And the next time you have to reference it, you can ask the chatbot to write a description for #sneaker2. It will automatically know that it’s a white sneaker with colorful laces.

The next thing you might notice is Brand Voice.

Find the Brand Voice on the left panel and click on it. You’ll be taken to the Brand Voice screen.

Click on New Brand Voice.

Here, you’ll see a text box.

You have to paste the content of a blog post or website copy or any content that accurately describes the tone of your brand. will understand the tone and use it across all the copies it generates. This will help you have a uniform brand voice across all platforms.


Labs is an experimentation area that contains features that are still being developed by the team. Here’s how you can access Labs.

Click on your Workspace. In my dashboard, I will click on the arrow next to Summer’s Workspace.

This will show more options. Here, you can see the Lab option.

Click on Labs. Now you’ll enter Labs.

Currently, the Labs have upcoming GPT-4 features. This can be tested only by Pro members.

Help and Support

If you feel stuck or clueless at any point, you can access the Help section or Communities.

Use Cases

Let’s discuss some scenarios where can be used.

Writing Ad copy is a good tool for marketers. With a good ad copy, you can generate more sales. If you’re running ad campaigns, you need ad copy that can drive conversions and generate results. With highly optimized advertising, you can attract quality leads to your product. will generate copy targeted towards your audience. It can use your brand tone and make sure your users get a seamless experience. keeps SEO in mind while writing your ad copy. So whether you’re looking for paid ads or organic traffic, it can help either way.

Generating Product Descriptions

If you run an eCommerce store with hundreds of products, manually writing copy for each of them will take too long. Instead, you can use to generate product copies within seconds. Just give the specifications of your product to the platform and it will come up with the copy.

Monitoring Competitor Blogs

You can create a workflow that analyzes the competitor’s blog articles and landing pages every week and sends you an email. This will help you learn their strategy – how often they update their blog and how many landing pages they generate each week.

This data will help you build your strategy so you can always stay one step ahead. It can help you check for daily LinkedIn content to see what the competitors are doing. You can also check for news and press releases to find out how the competitors are performing.

Creating a Brand Strategy

You can input a brand voice and let the AI platform understand what you want. It will use that tone across all your landing pages, emails, blog articles, sales copies, and product descriptions. can also generate a mission statement for your company. You can define what your company does and what its goals are. It will generate a mission, vision, personality, core values, and brand story for your company.

And all these copies will adhere to your brand voice and tone. If you want a playful, formal, or creative tone, will follow that.

Data Security is SOC 2 Type II compliant. This means that an external auditor has checked the processes of the company and found them to be safe for user data.

The text you enter in is not used to train the AI model. This means your brand identity and other details are safe. Your prompts are not shared with third parties. Also, does not sell your data.

In short, takes data security seriously and is safe to use.

User Reviews

I worked on and loved it. But let’s see what the other users are saying.

While most users seemed happy about the platform, I saw some of them complain about customer support.

There were other reviews complaining about customer support (here’s the link). So I decided to contact customer support to see if the reviews were right.

I tried to chat with the team. I got a bot but I requested to chat with a person. Here’s the response:

I gave them my email address and within five hours, I got this reply:

I had a brief conversation with them via email. Based on my experience, the customer service replies quickly (given their time zone) and solves problems accurately. I’d give 5 stars for customer service.

I checked some other review websites as well and saw that most reviews were positive.

When I tested the website, I saw that generates content quickly and lets users create workflows to help them in their marketing goals. can also automate your goals and even let you access GPT-4 features that are in the experiment phase.

And since it lets you understand your brand voice, it makes sure the tone of the copy is uniform across your website and other platforms.

While it does come with several amazing features, it has its own drawbacks. Workflows can sometimes take too long. Also, it does not generate long form copies for free users.

One major drawback of the platform is that the price might be a lot for small business owners.

My overall rating: 4.3/5

Copy AI Alternatives

Let’s discuss some other services you can use instead of


Jasper is a GPT-4-based content generation platform. It can generate content for marketing, social media, blogs, and others. It provides fast results and supports over 30 languages. Just like, Jasper also has a simple platform that’s easy to use.

Jasper can write for specific niche blogs, ad campaigns, and SEO-oriented content. It comes with unique features such as a text summarizer, blog post conclusion maker, sentence expander, content improver, and video description generator.

It has three pricing plans: Creator for $39/month, Pro for $59/month, and a customized Business plan. There are no free plans but there is a 7-day free trial.


Rytr is an economical content generation tool. You can use it for blog writing, social media ads, emails, copywriting, creative writing, and editing. It is available as an extension and can be used with other platforms such as MS Word, Outlook, Gmail, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can also use Rytr API to integrate with other platforms.

Since Rytr can take many roles, you can uninstall SEO and grammar apps. This one tool will solve all your content needs. It can write in over 30 languages and perform translation.

Rytr can also generate images and comes with an in-built plagiarism checker. It has three pricing plans: Free, Saver for $9/month, and Unlimited for $29/month.


Writesonic is yet another amazing content generation platform. It can be used anywhere as a Chrome extension. It can help you write articles and blogs, product descriptions, and ad copy, and can even generate images.

If you want to create a blog post and have images to captivate visitors, Writesonic can do it for you. Writesonic is part of an AI suite and it has other tools such as Chatsonic, Botsonic, Audiosonic, etc. However, they are not included in the Writesonic packages.

There are four pricing plans for Writesonic: Free, Small Team for $13/month, Freelancer for $16/month, and Enterprise for $500+/month.

Final Thoughts is a content generation platform that’s geared towards marketers.

Apart from generating content, it helps you create workflows and collaborate with your team. It’s a good tool for writers, marketers, and entrepreneurs. And since it has a free plan, you can play around before you upgrade.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit on

There is a limit on the words generated in the Free Plan. All paid plans come with unlimited chats, projects, brand voices, and Infobase entries.

Can integrate with other tools? has over 2,000 integrations and it can integrate with tools such as Google Docs, Facebook, Telegram, LinkedIn, and others.

Does generate unique content?

Yes, generates unique content that passes plagiarism checks.

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