Fritz™ scans & ranks all AI tools

We are developing an AI that analyzes all the tools, apps, and websites under our supervision, and ranks the absolute best and most ethical.

Check out our technical guides, reviews and tutorials to get started with machine learning.

Who is Fritz?

Fritz is an LLM trained to help us aggregate and analyze the best AI tools, according to a set of criteria we decided to be crucial for this new generation of software.

AI Ethics

The main thing we care about! We only recommend apps with solid ethics.

Functionality & UX

Then we carefully review the functionality of each tool and the user experience.


And finally, we consider the originality factor: does it have some oumph?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Fritz AI?

Q. How does Fritz AI evaluate and rank AI tools and apps?

Q. Are there any tutorials or guides available for beginners?

Q. Can I contribute to Fritz AI or suggest a tool for review?

Q. Can I contribute to Fritz AI or suggest a tool for review?

Q. Is there a way to contact the Fritz AI team for questions or collaborations?

Q: Does Fritz AI offer any services or products besides reviews and guides?

Q: How does Fritz AI ensure the ethical use of AI and machine learning technologies?

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