10 Best Product Review Apps for Shopify (2024)

best shopify product reviews apps

With years of experience helping business leaders build successful ecommerce stores, we know all about the power of social proof. In today’s world, 95% of consumers read product reviews before even considering making a purchase.

One of the easiest ways to increase your chances of conversions is to give customers access to the reviews and insights they need, within your online store.

We’ve assessed some of the most popular product review apps, designed to make adding testimonials to Shopify pages as simple as possible. Read on for our top 10 guide of the best product review apps available for Shopify.

The 10 Best Shopify Reviews Apps

Based on our own market research, consumer reviews, and our experience experimenting with the top review apps on the Shopify marketplace, we chose the following solutions for our top 10 list:

  1. Yotpo: Best for integrations with loyalty programs
  2. Growave: Ideal for increasing order value and repeat purchases
  3. reviews.io: Great for ease of use and customization
  4. Judge.me: Excellent for reaching a global audience
  5. Stamped.io: Best for boosting community engagement
  6. Loox: Ideal for visual user-generated content (videos and photos)
  7. Ali Reviews: Great for dropshipping reviews
  8. Okendo: Fantastic for collecting customer insights
  9. Rivyo: Importing reviews from CSV, Amazon, and AliExpress
  10. Fera.ai: Comprehensive review automation

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a cloud-based ecommerce platform which allows users to sell goods and services online. The SaaS platform comes with an integrated content management system (and SEO features), as well as payment processing tools for omnichannel selling.

Currently, Shopify is one of the most popular commerce platforms available, offering easy-to-use customizable features, and intuitive functionality for an affordable price. It also supports sales through social media, marketplaces like Amazon and Ebay, and offline channels.

The Key Features of Shopify

As an all-in-one website builder and ecommerce platform, Shopify is brimming with useful tools. Key features include:

  • Website builder: A comprehensive website builder with custom domains, store themes, store editing tools, blogging, and customer communication tools (email and chat).
  • Ecommerce: Sell products, services, and subscriptions with integrated payment processing, a world-class checkout experience, and international sales options.
  • Omnichannel selling: Combine your data and sales technologies across your website, marketplaces, social media channels, and brick-and-mortar stores.
  • Marketing tools: Access Shopify insights to reach new markets, create customer profiles and segments, and nurture customers with chat, email, and social media integrations.
  • Business management: Manage employees, orders, and inventory in one unified environment, and automate workflows with Shopify Flow.
  • Fulfillment: Leverage the Shopify fulfillment network and Shopify shipping tools to deliver products to customers around the world.
  • Reporting analytics: Access behind-the-scenes insights into orders, sales, customer purchasing trends, product performance, and financial calculations

What Makes the Best Shopify Review App Software?

A powerful Shopify review app should make it easy to curate and showcase customer reviews on your Shopify website and product pages. We chose the apps above based on their:

  • Excellent mobile responsiveness and integration with Shopify themes
  • Fantastic performance (fast loading times and compatibility with Shopify apps)
  • Ease of use for both business leaders and consumers
  • Diverse reviewing features, such as photo and video reviews, and customer profiles
  • Ability to generate growth through loyalty programs and incentives
  • Value for money (Affordability and potential ROI)

We focused on finding software solutions that balance all of the core needs of Shopify vendors, such as ease of use, convenience, affordability, and performance. We’ve also excluded any apps that detract from the performance of Shopify themes, causing issues with user experience.

The Best Shopify Review App Software at a Glance

AppWho it’s best forUnique featuresPricingShopify app store rating (out of 5)
YotpoCompanies using loyalty programs to increase conversions.Integrations with SMS, subscription and loyalty tools, and support for Google search review displays.Free plan for up to 50 orders, with paid plans starting at $15 per month 4.9
GrowaveBoosting order value with up-sells and offers, and increasing repeat purchases.Loyalty programs, loyalty points with customizable rules, and VIP tiers for different customers. Free plan for up to 100 orders, with paid plans starting at $149 per month. 4.8 
reviews.ioCompanies in search of advanced widget customization options. Integration with Google selling pages and search results. Customizable widgets and collection pages. Free plan for up to 25 monthly orders, with paid plans starting at $45 per month. 4.8 
Judge.meGlobal companies with a wide audience in multiple countries.Multi-lingual support for more than 38 languages, and integrations with SEO snippets. Free plan with Judge.Me branding, or paid plans starting at $15 per month. 5.0 
Stamped.ioBoosting community engagement with shoppable Instagram galleries and reward programs. Shoppable galleries, intelligent product upsells and banners, and inline SEO features. Free plan for up to 50 orders per month with paid plans starting at $23 per month. 4.7 
LooxVisual customer reviews, with carousels, videos, and photos. Customizable widgets, carousels, and popups. Full integrations with marketing platforms. 14 day free trial followed by plans starting at $9.99 per month. 4.9
Ali ReviewsDropshipping companies showcasing social proof from a range of environments.Instant integrations with AliExpress, Amazon, and DSers (on some plans). Free plan for up to 5 reviews per product and 60 orders per month. Paid plans start at $9.90 per month.4.9 
OkendoCompanies looking for insights into customer journeys, behaviors, and preferences.Attribute insights for each customer, advanced reporting tools, and NPS surveys. 14 day free trial followed by plans starting at $19 per month. 4.9 
RivyoBusinesses looking to easily import reviews from a range of environments. One-click import for Amazon and AliExpress, and review widgets for every website page. Free plan for up to 50 monthly review emails and limited imports. Paid plans start at $9 per month. 4.9
Fera.ai Automating custom review requests to increase social proof. Automatic post-purchase review emails, customizable widgets, and one-click importing from various channels. Free plan for up to 10 review requests per month. Paid plans start at $9 per month. 4.9 

What are the best Shopify product review apps?

Let’s dive into our complete review of some of the best Shopify product review apps, chosen for their functionality, value for money, and overall performance.

1. Yotpo – Best for Cultivating customer loyalty

yotpo homepage - best product reviews apps for shopify

Yotpo is one of the better-known vendors on the Shopify app marketplace, offering tools to support product reviews, user-generated content curation, and customer loyalty. The Yotpo Product Review and UGC app simplifies the art of collecting customer feedback.

Not only can you leverage AI-powered review widgets, but you can also display star ratings on reviews on various platforms, such as Google and social media channels, thanks to partner integrations. There’s even the option to connect your review strategy with Yotpo’s SMS, loyalty, and subscription apps.


The free version of Yotpo supports reviews from up to 50 monthly orders, allowing users to send automatic review requests to customers, and design emails using templates. You can also display reviews on your website, and moderate customer content. Paid plans include:

  • Growth: $15 per month for all the features of free, plus Google Rich snippets, photo and video reviews, Google shopping ads, and options to share reviews to Facebook shops.
  • Prime: $119 per month for all the features of Growth, plus options to share reviews to GSR, create shoppable media galleries, display product/shopper attributes, and get shopper insights.


  • Easy integrations with SMS, loyalty, and subscription programs
  • Rich and dynamic review options, including galleries, videos, and photo reviews
  • Integrations with Google search engines, Facebook shops and more
  • Automatic smart filters to help earn buyer confidence
  • Powerful search engine optimization capabilities


  • Slight learning curve for non-technical users
  • Advanced features can be costly for beginners

2. Growave: Loyalty & Wishlist – Best for increasing repeat purchases and conversions

growave homepage - best product reviews apps for shopify

Growave is another popular social proof application for Shopify vendors, helping companies to build trust and earn repeat sales. The all-in-one app combines tools for collecting and showcasing customer reviews, with loyalty programs, VIP tiers for customers, and rewards. You can even create your own organic referral program, and design wish lists for customers.

Designed to increase Shopify store sales, Growave can collect tetsimonials on autopilot, and you can even display your star ratings and reviews on the Google search results. The solution also supports multiple languages, and integrates with Shopify Flow.


The free plan for Growave supports up to 100 monthly orders, with complete access to basic loyalty, wishlist, review, and Instagram UGC options. However, it does feature Growave branding.

Paid plans include:

  • Medium: $49 per month for all the free features, plus 500 monthly orders, advanced rewards programs, nudges (pop-ups for upsell and cross-sell efforts), 1 integration, and customizable email templates.
  • Growth: $149 per month for the features of Medium, plus 1000 monthly orders, VIP tiers, point expiry dates, gift cards, wishlist reminders, review forms, and a custom domain for referrals.
  • Premium: $349 per month for all the features of Growth, plus 3,000 monthly orders, loyalty points redemption at checkout, custom rewards, API access, unlimited integrations and priority customer service.


  • Automated review collection with multi-language messaging
  • Loyalty points, referral campaigns, and VIP tiers to boost sales
  • Social login through Facebook, Google, email address, Amazon and more
  • Instagram user generated content feed for increased social proof
  • Customizable rewards for different audience tiers


  • No customizable branding on the free plan
  • Limited integrations with sales and marketing tools

3. Reviews.io – Best for ease of use and customization

reviews io homepage - best product reviews apps for shopify

Offering business owners a simple way to collect UGC from happy customers, Reviews.io is one of the most popular apps on the Shopify marketplace. It allows companies to instantly share customer feedback and user generated content on any website or product page. Plus, you can display reviews next to your Google Shopping listings and Google Ads.

Reviews.io also allows companies to import existing reviews from different landscapes in seconds, send automated review requests through partner apps like Klaviyo, and collect first-party attribution data from customers.


Reviews.io has a free plan available for up to 25 monthly orders, with automatic review collection, video and photo reviews, basic widgets, and tech integrations. Paid plans include:

  • Launch: $45 per month for all the features of Free, plus 50 monthly orders, Google rich snippets, google seller ratings, full widget library and A/B testing.
  • Launch Plus: $89 per month for all the features of Launch, plus support for 500 monthly orders, Google PLAs, advanced widgets, customizable collection pages, Walmart syndication, NPS, and live chat support.


  • Display reviews on Google selling pages and search engine results
  • Comprehensive customizable widget library
  • Automatic review collection through the Reviews.io dashboard or partners
  • Customizable review collection pages on higher-tier plans
  • Easy-to-use back-end environment for importing and managing reviews


  • Some widget customization options aren’t accessible on lower plans
  • No loyalty campaign solutions or incentive offers
  • Expensive for scaling businesses

4. Judge.Me – Best for global companies with a wide audience.

judge me homepage - best product reviews apps for shopify

Specifically built for the Shopify platform, Judge.Me helps store owners collect rankings, reviews, and testimonials from customers throughout their purchasing journey. The solution makes it simple to boost conversion rates and customer trust, with a fully customizable review app in 38 different languages.

You can showcase UGC on your storefront, share them on social media, and even add star ratings to your listings on Google for SEO. Plus, you can engage reviewers with automatic review request, featuring questions, coupons, and offers.


The Judge.Me forever free plan supports unlimited review requests, video and photo reviews, carousel themes, in-email reviews, shop syndication, SEO snippets and manual social push services. The paid version of the app, for $15 per month offers all of these features without Judge.Me branding.

You also get custom forms, Q&A pages, an “all reviews” page, product groups, customs, cross-shop syndication, and Google shopping integrations.


  • Unlimited automated review requests (even on the free plan)
  • In-email reviews, manual social push and custom forms
  • SEO snippets and integrations for Google shopping
  • Multi-lingual review requests in 38 languages
  • Easy customization for widget texts, colors, themes, and more


  • Limited customer support for beginners
  • No options to remove branding on the free plan

5. Stamped.io – Best for community engagement

Another excellent tool for adding verified store reviews to your homepage, product pages, and other on-site locations, Stamped.io is a user-friendly way to boost conversions. The product reviews app allows companies to showcase photo and video reviews, create shoppable Instagram galleries, and even boost community involvement with Q&A solutions.

You can customize the review widget to suit your brand, and moderate comments and reviews to protect your reputation. Plus, there are options for creating banners, templates, and custom emails to enhance conversion rates.


The “Lite” free plan from Stamped.io supports 50 orders per month, with review and rating widgets, rich snippets, comments, and social sharing. Paid plans include:

  • Basic: $23 per month for all the features of the free plan, plus 200 orders per month, photo reviews, checkout reviews, customer attributes, and inline SEO.
  • Premium: $59 per month for all the features of Basic, plus 500 products per month, smart product upsell, Facebook reviews, app and messenger integrations and smart banners.
  • Business: $149 per month for all the features of Premium, plus 1,500 orders per month, $99 of SMS credits, video reviews, AI sentiment analysis, Q&A, and Google shopping reviews


  • Easy ways to engage customers through email, pop-ups and SMS
  • Smart banners and product upsell options
  • Inline SEO features for improving your site ranking
  • Insights into customer attributes and sentiment
  • Incentive options for rewarding your target audience


  • Limited free plan with basic customization features
  • Advanced features like AI sentiment analysis are expensive

6. Loox – Best for visual social proof

Compatible with a range of marketing tools, dropshipping apps and other software, Loox is a flexible product review app for Shopify, perfect for collecting and showcasing visual social proof. The app allows companies to automatically collect authentic photo and video reviews from a range of environments, and display them on fully customizable widgets.

The easy-to-use app comes with templates and themes for review forms and emails. Plus, you can reward customers for reviews with discounts and deals. There’s even the option to create review carousels, pop-ups, and trust badges, and sync your UGC with Google, Meta and more.


After a 14-day free trial, Loox plans include:

  • Beginner: $9.99 per month: 100 monthly review request emails, multilingual support, 500 orders, reviews, carousel and popup widgets and customer rewards.
  • Scale: $34.99 per month: All the features of Beginner, plus full widget customization, Google shopping, integrations, and video reviews.
  • Unlimited: $299.99 per month for all the features of Scale, plus unlimited review request emails, referrals, upsell tools, and Klaviyo email/SMS requests.


  • Automate review requests over email and SMS
  • Discount offers and rewards for customers leaving reviews
  • Carousels, popups and customizable display widgets
  • Full support for photo and video reviews
  • Integrations with Google, Meta, and various marketing tools


  • No free plan for beginners
  • No video reviews available on lower plans

7. Ali Reviews – Best for dropshipping companies sourcing products from AliExpress

Ideal for dropshipping brands, Ali Reviews is a simple tool that streamlines the process of collecting, managing, and showcasing reviews on your Shopify store. You can import hundreds of reviews from both Amazon and AliExpress with a single click. Plus, you can automatically request reviews with SMS and email messaging templates.

Ali Reviews also offers fully customizable review displays for branded, dynamic store design, without slowing your site. Plus, you can showcase your reviews and ratings on Google shopping and the Google search engine.


The free plan allows users to import up to 5 reviews per product, from AliExpress. You also get email and SMS review requests, options to collect reviews on-site, and basic review display customization and management for up to 60 orders per month. Paid plans include:

  • Starter: $9.90 per month: All the features of free plus 500 reviews per product, and 200 orders per month, a CSV file importer, photo reviews, review popups, Google rich snippet support, and integrations with third-party apps.
  • Essential: $19.90 per month: All the features of Starter, with up to 1,500 reviews per product, 500 orders per month, incentive programs, social media review requests, custom Q&A and questions, and DSers importing.
  • Premium: $49.90 per month: All the features of Essential, plus 10,000 reviews per product, 1,500 orders per month, video reviews, Google shopping integration and migration support


  • Instant access to dropshipping reviews from AliExpress, Amazon, and DSers
  • Social media, SMS, and email automated review requests
  • Quick and easy file importing options
  • Customizable review displays to suit your brand
  • Google search engine and Google shopping integrations


  • Extremely limited free plan with Ali Reviews branding
  • Customer support can be slow

8. Okendo – Best for collecting customer insights and behavioral analytics

Okendo is more than just a product review app for Shopify, it’s also a comprehensive customer marketing and analytics solution. Using this app, companies can gain actionable insights into customer preferences and behaviors, building micro surveys for attribution insights and NPS scores.

Plus, there’s an integrated reward engine for incentivizing customers to leave feedback and UGC, as well as a wide range of high-quality customizable review widgets to choose from. The solution even integrates with tools like Klaviyo and Gorgias.


After a 14-day free trial, plans for Okendo include:

  • Essential: $19 per month for up to 200 orders per month, automated review request emails, photo and video reviews, attributes rating, 15+ onsite review displays and media galleries.
  • Growth: $119 per month for the features of Essential, plus 1,500 orders per month, analytics, and advanced reports.
  • Power: $299 per month for all the features of Growth, plus multi-store syndication, up to 3,500 orders per month, advanced reporting, onboarding manager and email/SMS integrations.
  • Advanced: $499 per month for all the features of Power, plus 10,000 orders per month, headless support, Bazaarvoice syndication, API access, and a customer success manager.


  • Wide range of display widgets to choose from (with headless support)
  • Advanced reporting and customer behavior insights
  • SMS and email automated review requests
  • Integrations with a wide range of marketing and sales tools
  • Blazing-fast performance, even with video and photo reviews


  • No free plan for beginners (with expensive monthly fees)
  • Complex API integrations

9. Rivyo – Best for easy review importing options

Like many of the top product review apps for Shopify store owners, Rivyo is a convenient product that makes it easy to collect customer feedback. You can send custom review request emails using customizable templates, and effortlessly import reviews from Amazon and AliExpress.

Business owners also have complete control over how they display reviews, with widgets that work on home, product, and cart pages. Plus, you can display star ratings on Google Shopping and rich snippets to increase your chances of website traffic.


Rivyo’s free plan supports unlimited reviews, 50 monthly review emails, 500 CSV imports, 100 imports from Amazon and AliExpress, and Google rich snippet solutions. Paid plans include:

  • Starter: $9 per month: Up to 500 monthly review emails, 1k CSV imports, 500 AliExpress/Amazon imports, unlimited Q&A and photo reviews.
  • Business: $14 per month: All the features of the Starter plan, plus 1k review emails per month, 2k CSV, Amazon and AliExpress reviews, coupon codes, and Google Shopping
  • Enterprise: $19 per month: All the features of Business, plus unlimited review emails, unlimited imports, and headless support.


  • One-click review importing for a variety of channels
  • Customizable widgets for all of your Shopify website pages
  • Integrations with Google Shopping and featured snippets
  • Average and rating popup widgets for your homepage
  • Works with a variety of Shopify page building tools


  • Limited import options on some plans
  • Very few tools for creating customer loyalty campaigns

10. Fera.ai – Best for comprehensive automation

fera homepage - best product reviews apps for shopify

Fera is one of the most popular product review apps for Shopify stores. Like most of the products on this list, it makes it easy to request reviews from customers through customizable emails. You can even automate post-purchase emails for all of your customers, and reward them with discounts, cash-back incentives, and points.

Fera allows you to showcase your reviews on any page, with support for videos, photos, and multiple languages. Plus, you can import existing reviews from Etsy, Facebook, Google, Amazon, and more.


Fera’s free plan allows users to import unlimited reviews, access 10MB of photo/video storage, and send up to 10 review requests per month. Paid plans include:

  • Startup: $9 per month for all the free plan features, plus 100 review requests per month, 100MB of storage, basic customization and 2 admin users.
  • Small: $29 per month for all the features of Startup, plus 3 admin users, intermediate customization, 1GB of storage, and 1,000 review request emails.
  • Medium: $99 per month for all the features of Small, plus advanced customization, 5 admin users, 10GB of storage, and 10,000 review requests per month.


  • Effortlessly import reviews from Amazon, Etsy, Facebook, and Google
  • Customize widgets to match your website’s look and feel
  • Showcase reviews in Google search and Shopping results
  • Automate post-purchase review requests with custom templates
  • Reward customers with discounts, cash-back incentives, and points


  • Limited number of admin users on lower plans
  • Very little storage supported on all plans

What is the Best Product Reviews App for Shopify?

As you can see from our comprehensive list, there are plenty of high-quality product review apps for Shopify available today. The apps above come with customizable layouts for widgets, fantastic automation features, and even insights into web vitals and attribution rates.

The right solution for you will depend on your specific needs, and your budget:

  • If you want a comprehensive tool for both review collection and loyalty programs, options like Yotpo, Growave, and Judge.me are great solutions.
  • If you want to collect user insights, Okendo is a fantastic choice.
  • If you want to import and showcase reviews from a range of environments on your store, try Rivyo, Fera product reviews, and Ali Reviews.


What is the Best Free Product Reviews App for Shopify?

Many of the top Shopify review apps have free versions or trials available. Growave has the most generous free plan, with support for up to 100 orders, but its paid plans are also some of the most expensive on our list.

What is a Shopify review app?

A Shopify review app is a simple tool you can integrate into your Shopify store to simplify the process of collecting and showcasing reviews. It can feature everything from customizable review widgets, to email templates for review requests.

Does Shopify have a review system?

Shopify used to have its own “Product Reviews” app for showcasing testimonials. However, the solution is no longer available on the Shopify app store. Instead, you’ll need to rely on third-party solutions from Shopify partners.


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