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The 8 Best AI Writing Generators for 2024

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The rise of ChatGPT led to a litany of AI writing tools, with both new names emerging in the market and old ones adding new AI features.

AI-generated content is a hot topic right now, and while there are definitely conflicting opinions, there’s little doubt that AI writing generators do improve workflow.

In this article, we’ll discuss the top AI writing generators, their differences, pricing, and focus on their key strengths.

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8 Best Shopify AI Landing Page Builders in 2024

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It’s easy to set up a Shopify website but not if you have a highly specific layout idea. Of course, there are several templates and apps to give you the right functionality but they may not give you the precise output you’re looking for.

If you’re a perfectionist who wants a specific design for your Shopify landing page or someone who likes a unique website, you can a Shopify landing page builder.

According to WebFX, a conversion rate of 10% is considered above average, and most businesses achieve a 2%-5% conversion rate.

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6 Best AI CRM Software Tools to Supercharge Your Customer Relations

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According to a report by SugarCRM, 98% of sales and marketing experts said they use AI to enhance their business processes.

They also said that they will increase their use of AI in the next two years to augment their processes.

Why? Because sales and marketing experts believe that AI has the power to develop more personalized communications with customers.

With AI, customers can get more helpful answers which can increase customer retention.

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What is Claude AI and How Does it Work?


If you’re happy with ChatGPT, you should probably explore one of its rivals – Claude AI. It’s a pretty new AI tool that was launched in March 2023.

Its latest release, Claude 3, was launched in March 2024 and is available in three variants – Haiku, Sonnet, and Opus. It was developed by Anthropic, a company backed by Google and Amazon.

There are many chatbots out there but only a few of them make news. Claude AI is definitely one of the most talked-about. Its latest iteration, Claude 3, has set new industry benchmarks as it covers a wide range of cognitive tasks.

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What is MAI-1: Microsoft’s New Proprietary AI Model

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If, like me, you’ve been following Microsoft’s Generative AI investment strategy ever since it first announced its partnership with ChatGPT creator, OpenAI, you might be wondering about MAI-1.

For some time now, Microsoft generative AI apps and tools, including its range of Copilot generative AI assistants, have been developed with support from external AI experts.

In fact, Microsoft has invested more than $11 billion into its partnership with OpenAI alone. However, similar to its competitor Google, the technology giant is reluctant to rely exclusively on partner support. That’s why, as of 2024, it’s working on its own AI model: MAI-1.

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Hands-On Review of Claude AI: My Personal Experience and Insights

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Did you know that by the end of 2022, as many as 88% of users had conversed with a chatbot at least once? But forget the stats, how many times have YOU interacted with a chatbot? I’m guessing more than a hundred times? That’s counting ChatGPT, Google Gemini, Microsoft Copilot, and so many others.

And then there’s another competitor to all these bots – Claude AI.

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Enhancing Word Suggestions for Auto-completing Text in Android


In [a previous tutorial], the Levenshtein distance was used in an Android app to suggest words as a user types to automatically complete the word and save time.

In this follow-up tutorial, the suggestions will be enhanced by comparing the text the user is typing to words that are likely to be a match. Moreover, the app will support early exit if the distance exceeds a pre-defined threshold, which helps save time and enhance the suggestions.

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Why AI Is the Next Step in Document Processing


Document processing is one of the most time- and resource-consuming tasks, compared to the value added that comes from the output.

It takes hours of manual, diligent work to input data in invoices, update medical records, or create the folders for insurance claims.

If all of these tasks could be done automatically, we’d see important benefits, including better organization of the underlying data, automatic scanning of records, error-checking, and pattern detection.

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An Introduction to Kotlin on Android — Concision and Safety


For a moment, travel back in time with me to 2011. Back then, Kotlin was a garage project by a team at JetBrains and had already been under development for a year. The team’s main goal was to have something that had all the goodness of Scala but still compiled as fast as Java. They open-sourced the project in early 2012 under the Apache 2 License.

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