Durable AI Review 2024 – How Effective is Durable AI Website Builder?

The Tl;dr Version

Durable builds websites for you within a few seconds. If you don’t have any coding experience and want to build a website,

Durable can help you out. The AI asks specific questions to understand the user’s expectations and delivers a website accordingly.

While it might not be able to build an advanced website, it’s good for personal or small business websites. It chooses the layout, colors, fonts, and other elements for you so you can sit back while the personal AI assistant does all the work for you.

In this Durable AI review, we’ll check if it’s the right tool for you.

Durable Pros and Cons

Pros 👍

  • Easy to use
  • Quick website development
  • Offers AI-generated content, image curation, and custom domain names

Alternatives for Durable.ai: Wix, Jimdo, Unbounce. More details in the Alternatives section below.

Overall rating: ⭐ 4.2/5

Research Methodology

I tried creating a website for this Durable AI review. It was pretty easy to use and all I had to do was answer some questions. I tried creating a website for an accounting firm and it delivered results pretty close to my expectations.

Of course, I needed edits and it did offer unlimited regenerations. I created an accounting firm by my own name – Summer Hirst.

Durable let me make changes to the website. However, finer customization options were limited. If you want to take control of the website and customize it according to your preferences, Wix would be a better option.

But if you don’t want to be bothered with the small details, Durable is a good tool. Plus, it offers website hosting and AI-powered promotions as well.

Since I tested Durable.ai for a basic business website, it gave me decent results. I had to practically do nothing and the website was made with minimal work from my side.

I compared the results with other website builders sand examined the strengths and limitations of each tool. Then I used these findings to derive an overall score for Durable.

Let’s begin the Durable AI review

durable ai website builder review homepage

If you’re looking for a website builder but don’t want to get bothered by the small details, AI has now come to your rescue. With Durable, you let the AI figure out your exact specifications.

It will ask you some questions and take your input. Then it will create the website accordingly. And the best part is that your website will be done in just under a minute!

Pretty neat, huh? And you don’t have to be bothered by writing content, finding images, or coming up with a domain name either- it’s all done by Durable.

Durable AI Website Builder At a Glance

Let’s explore its features and what it can do in this Durable AI review.

Durable comes with a whole lot of exciting tools in its stack. An AI website builder to create a website in seconds, a CRM to keep track of your customers, invoicing software for faster online invoices, an AI assistant bot, and an AI blog builder – it’s got everything you need from a website builder.

And that’s not all. Once your website is up and running, its Google Ad writer will write an AI-generated Google ad copy that can help you get traffic on your website.

What do you get in a one-minute website?

I’m saying a minute, but it’s actually about 30 seconds or so. It will ask you the type of website you want, its name, and location, and create a website that has content, images, and even a contact form.

Of course, the website you get is a rather generic one. But it does give you editing tools so you can make changes to it according to your preferences. It also gives you a free custom domain which is a win-win.

If you’ve ever created a website, you know that running a website can be more time-consuming than building one. A website needs a lot of marketing and promotions. Durable will help you by creating unlimited AI promotions that use various marketing strategies.

Is Durable Legit?

Yes, Durable is 100% legit. I know it sounds too good to be true, but Durable is legit, for real, no cap. You enter your business type, business name, and location, and it creates a website for you. And if you think it can’t be good, give it a try – it’s free after all.

You can get a basic sample website without signing in. But when you sign in, it gives you a proper
website with a contact form, testimonials, and different sections. It will also give you access to your
dashboard where you can check the visitor behavior. And it’s all for free.

If you like what you see, you can upgrade your plan and get multiple pages on your website.
You can even earn money with Durable Pro as it helps you run your own website agency by building
and running several client websites with just one account.

While Durable is definitely a legit website building service, is it right for you? It depends on your
needs. For a small business website, Durable is the perfect option. Not so much for an eCommerce
website, because you’ll need to add pages manually as AI cannot do all that.

My Findings While Reviewing Durable AI

The test website I created was smooth and there were no broken links in it. There was no downtime during my testing time and I was impressed so far.

The Durable dashboard lets you view the analytics to see how many people have viewed your website and their behavior on your website.

This is an amazing feature because it lets you understand which pages are being visited more, and you can customize the website accordingly.

According to HubSpot, some important analytics to observe are total monthly visitors and conversion rates.

Customization Options

You don’t need to sign in to create a test website. However, if you want to customize it, you’ll need to create an account and log in.

Once I logged in, it showed me all the elements of the test website in an editable format. It let me change the color and look of the website. I could also add links to internal and external pages on the website.

My website even came with AI-generated testimonials – all within a few seconds!

While you can spend a lot of time in customization, the whole point of the website is that you don’t have to do anything and get a website that’s built for your needs.

When you’re done with the customizations, you need to purchase a plan to go live. You can also get a free plan but that will not come with a custom domain.

Durable lets you test your website on three platforms: desktop, tablet, and phone.

Durable AI Website Builder Pricing

Durable has three pricing plans. Let’s discuss the yearly plans.

The first one is free. It gives you a 3-page website with basic CRM and limited promotions.

  • The Startup plan is $12/month and comes with a custom domain. It gives you a 10-page website with 50 contacts in CRM and 3 promotions.
  • The Business plan costs $20/month and offers unlimited contacts and unlimited promotions.

If you want a personal website, such as a bridal registry website, the free option will be perfect. However, for business purposes, the Startup option will be a better choice.

How to get a Custom Domain for free on Durable

You’ll get a custom domain for free with the Startup and Business plans. Keep in mind that some highly sought-after domain names might cost extra.

Creating an eCommerce Website on Durable

Durable AI website builder isn’t exactly optimized for eCommerce. I tried generating an eCommerce platform through AI and couldn’t do it.

Of course, there are ways in which you can create a Durable eCommerce website. But then again, it won’t be AI-generated and you’ll need to spend some time doing it.

You’ll need to set up Stripe and create a shop page and product pages. For this much work, it’s best to go for Wix than Durable.

But if you’re looking for a basic website without eCommerce, Durable can be an excellent option.

Additional Products

Let’s take a look at the products that come with Durable.

AI Assistant

Durable has a ChatGPT-like AI assistant that will answer your questions regarding website building or marketing. It will help you create a more engaging website.

So instead of searching through their knowledge base, you can ask the AI assistant to find the right records for you.


This AI-powered customer relationship management solution makes sure you secure more jobs and let your company grow. It reminds you of appointments or meetings and you can instantly follow up with leads and new customers.


Create and send invoices quickly and with minimal effort. And since these invoices are synced with the CRM, you’ll get to know about unpaid invoices and send reminders accordingly. It also lets you add item descriptions and notes to invoices.

AI Blog Builder

You might want to add a blog to your website to keep it fresh and attract new visitors. Create a blog with Durable in just a few seconds.

The blog builder will create multiple blog posts in just a few seconds. This means you don’t have to write anything – the AI does everything for you.

Should You Use Durable AI Website Builder

There are many AI website builders in the market. Should you really go for Durable? It’s definitely a good platform that requires minimal input from you.

However, it cannot create a completely customized and professional website. It also has some limitations with ecommerce.

If you’re looking for finer modifications, there’s not much you can do. But then again, it comes with a free package that lets you create and launch a website without paying anything so if you’re looking for a basic website, you just have to try Durable.

Earning Money with Durable

Durable has a Pro feature that helps you make money. It lets you generate multiple websites with one account. You can create a website agency and ask Durable to build websites for your clients. This way, you can earn for each website you generate for others while Durable does all the work.

The Pro plan has a scalable package, which means you save more as you create more websites. To create a Durable Pro account, you’ll need to talk to their customer support and they will give you the quotation according to your requirements.

A Word on the Customer Support

Durable has excellent customer support services. It has a chatbot that will handle the basic questions. If it doesn’t resolve your issue, you can email them and they typically reply within a business day.

Apart from customer support people, they also have a knowledge base where you can find articles about how to create websites, use CRM, send online invoices, and others.

What I liked about Durable

  • It’s the simplest website builder out there. Just click on “Build your site” given on their website and it will immediately create a test website for you.
  • It takes minimal website building skills. While the other website builders use simple drag-and-drop features, it still requires effort. But with AI-powered Durable, things are simpler than ever.
  • It has a free package. Most other website builders require some kind of fee to use their services. Some might offer a free trial but there are no permanently free packages.

What I disliked about Durable

  • It’s a good tool for basic websites only. If you need an advanced website, it won’t be able to help you. Or if you want to create a website with a completely different idea, AI will not help create content for it.
  • It’s not a good option for eCommerce. I mean, yeah, it can create an eCommerce website but then you’ll need to add Stripe and a shop page and product pages. Artificial intelligence will not automatically do it for you.

Best Durable Alternatives

Let’s discuss some alternatives to Durable.

1. Wix

Wix is a very popular name in website building. As times have changed, it has also incorporated AI in its processes. It lets you generate content and images with AI. This makes website building even easier.

If you’re looking for a website builder with eCommerce options, Wix will be better for you. However, Wix is more expensive than Durable and there are no free options.

2. Jimdo

Jimdo is another drag-and-drop website builder. You don’t need to learn coding to create a beautiful website with Jimdo. It’s a desktop website builder that can also be optimized for mobile platforms.

Like Durable and Wix, Jimdo offers several features such as SEO optimization, audience analytics, and social media connectivity.

3. Unbounce

Unbounce lets you create attractive websites with AI writing tools. It also optimizes your traffic and integrates seamlessly with your tech stack. It has eCommerce store options as well so you can sell your products easily.

Unbounce comes with a 14-day free trial, which means you can test their services before paying for them.

Durable AI Review: Final Verdict

Durable AI website builder is an excellent option for people who want a website and fast. If you’re offering services in your local area, why miss out on online clients?

If it takes just a few seconds and doesn’t even cost much, I’d say Durable is an irresistible option.

But then again, if you’re looking for an advanced website, I’ve mentioned some alternatives in the article. You might want to try them.

Is Durable Website Builder Worth it?

Durable website builder is definitely worth it! For just $12/month, you get your own website,
domain name, marketing, and so much more! And it takes almost no effort from your side. It’s a
bargain deal.

Is Durable Website Builder Free or Paid?

Durable offers different packages, including a free one. But since the free one doesn’t come with
a custom domain, it’s good for small websites only, such as a personal blog. If you want a business
website, you can get a paid package.

How does the Durable AI website builder work?

The Durable AI website builder process is quite simple. All it needs is three clicks. Yep, that’s all
you have to do. The AI bot asks you for your business name, business type, and location. Just with
that information, you get a new website in under a minute.

How many websites can you make with Durable?

You can have unlimited websites with Durable. However, you’ll need to pay for each one of them.
Or you can get Durable Pro where you’ll save more with each website you create.

Can AI make me a website?

Yes, AI can create a website. It’s pretty unbelievable but AI can build your web presence in no
time and almost minimal input. Of course, Durable gives you customization options so you can edit
the website according to your preferences.

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