CustomGPT AI Review 2024 – Build Your Own AI Chatbots

If you run a business and want to use AI to increase its efficiency, this review article is for you. I’m going to talk about CustomGPT AI, a tool that lets businesses create customized AI chatbots that are trained on your company’s data. And it’s no-code so you don’t have to learn coding to use a custom AI model for your brand.

You can create and use a custom chatbot in just a few minutes. It’s built using GPT-4 and indexes all the content on your website plus your business documents and whatever other resources you may have.

It increases your business efficiency by automating repetitive tasks and giving quick responses to customer inquiries. Since it is trained on your business content, it can offer more relevant customer interactions and enhance the customer experience.

You can also feed it your YouTube content and it can tell your customers exactly how to use a particular product or service. And depending on the volume of the content, it takes just a few minutes to set up.

What is CustomGPT AI?

CustomGPT AI lets you create your own GPT-4 powered chatbots that are trained on your company data. These chatbots are highly accurate and CustomGPT outperforms industry giants including OpenAI in RAG benchmarks.

CustomGPT homepage

The chatbots made by CustomGPT don’t make up facts like other AI-based chatbots. They deliver exactly what is mentioned in your company documents. This helps your business provide more relevant answers to customer inquiries.

With GPT-4 technology, you can have a creative edge over your competitors. This can also save hours of manual work since repetitive tasks will be handled by AI.

I believe the best part of CustomGPT is that their chatbots don’t hallucinate. I’ll explain that in more detail later. But for now, no hallucination means more accurate responses on support helpdesks.

You can simply integrate CustomGPT with your website or upload your files and the AI bot will understand it without the need for coding.

You can embed the chatbot on your website or use APIs to integrate it into workflows. Or you can train the CustomGPT model and sell it in the market – the possibilities are endless.

Key Features

  • Trained with a specialized knowledge base to deliver accurate and insightful information
  • Personalized interactions based on user requirements and context
  • Integrates seamlessly with your website or other platforms using APIs
  • Able to maintain conversation and provide a uniform user experience by adopting a brand voice
  • Supports 93 languages so your business can interact with a global audience
  • Uses sentiment analysis to adjust responses so users can have positive engagement
  • Scalable solutions that help your company grow
  • Can build sitemaps based on the data you provide
  • A context boundary wall for accurate responses

Pros and Cons

Pros 👍

  • Supports your brand as it’s trained on your business data
  • Easy to setup with no coding required
  • Supports 93 languages
  • Doesn’t hallucinate and always provides accurate responses
  • A 7-day free trial available

CustomGPT Doesn’t Hallucinate – What Does It Mean?

OpenAI uses the GPT-4 model that understands natural language and replies like a human. However, GPt-4 can sometimes hallucinate and produce inaccurate responses. Hallucination is when the AI bot becomes creative and comes up with answers that are “imagined” by it.

CustomGPT has found a solution to this problem. The chatbots created using CustomGPT have proper boundaries and are not allowed to find “creative” solutions to user problems. Instead, they have to stick to the company data and find all solutions from the provided resources only.

This means there are no misleading statements and thus the error rate is very low. With CustomGPT, there’s a robust context boundary wall that makes the bot follow only company data and brand voice.


There are three pricing plans.

  • Standard at $89/month
  • Premium at $449/month
  • Enterprise at custom pricing

There’s a 7-day free trial on the Standard and Premium plans. If you want the Enterprise plan, you’ll need to contact the sales team because it is tailored according to your needs.

CustomGPT pricing

While the Standard plan is enough for most small businesses, it comes with “Powered by CustomGPT” branding. If you want to get it removed, you’ll need to move to the Premium plan.

On all these plans, you’ll get standard integration abilities with major platforms such as Shopify, WordPress, and Slack. However, if you want custom integrations, you’ll need to use the Enterprise plan.

CustomGPT AI Features

CustomGPT AI has several powerful features. Let’s discuss the most prominent ones here.

Powered by GPT-4

GPT-4 was the most powerful GPT model about a month back. It has been recently replaced by GPT-4o, which is currently the fastest model. However, GPT-4 is still a highly intelligent model that can perform complex tasks.

Easy to train

CustomGPT chatbots are very easy to train and they let you upload your documents in over 1400 formats including PDF, HTML, and others. They also accept audio and video content such as mp3, mp4, wav, and more. You can also upload YouTube videos for CustomGPT to watch.


The documents you upload are not stored on CustomGPT servers. This means your business info is secure and you can upload business related information for your chatbot to study.

You can upload your documents to CustomGPT directly from your browser and your bot will train on them. It uses SSL encryption when data is in transit. At rest, it uses 256-bit AES encryption.

Sitemap creation

CustomGPT can build sitemaps from URLs. You can feed the bot a list of relevant URLs and it can deliver a sitemap to you. It’s useful when you have content that needs to be structured into a sitemap. You can also give Spotify podcasts or YouTube videos for sitemap creation.


CustomGPT supports 93 languages, which means you can handle customer inquiries from all over the world. This will help you expand your business globally and have a competitive advantage. Since it is built using GPT-4, it can have contextual awareness in all of these languages.

No Hallucinations

When an AI bot hallucinates, it can deliver inaccurate customer support, misguided sales recommendations, wrong data analysis, and even lead to compliance and legal problems. CustomGPT sets a robust context boundary wall that ensures your bot doesn’t hallucinate.

Generates citations and sources

Your CustomGPT bot will not just deliver accurate information but will also tell the source of that information. This maintains transparency in communications. With citations, you can verify the validity of the provided information.

API access

With API access, you can implement different chatbots for different websites. You can even train chatbots and sell them. CustomGPT has a remarkable RAG agent for SaaS. As a developer, you can build a RAG agent in no time without having to build a whole RAG pipeline.

Deploy it anywhere

You can deploy your chatbot on your website or live chat. You can also integrate it with your workflow using APIs. Or you can use it for research and content generation. It’s private by default but if you want your customers to engage with it, you can make it public.

Search generative experience

CustomGPT lets you supercharge your website’s search feature. When your customers search for anything on your website, the AI chatbot will understand the context of the search and deliver more accurate results. It will also return links that they can follow.

Free Sitemap Tools

While there is no free subscription plan on CustomGPT, there are some free sitemap tools available. Here are the most useful ones.

  • Sitemap finder tool that lets you see the sitemap of a website. This can help you see your competitors’ sitemaps.
  • Sitemap validator tool that can help you analyze a sitemap and generate an estimate on the number and size of pages.
  • Sitemap from URL list tool lets you create a sitemap with the help of a list of URLs.
  • Sitemap from YouTube channel tool lets you create a sitemap from a given YouTube channel.

Apart from these, there are some other tools as well that will help you create a sitemap from different resources. Some such resources are a list of podcast episodes, website crawls, website scrap, RSS feeds, etc.

Where Can You Use CustomGPT AI?

CustomGPT is mainly for customer service, customer engagement, and topic research. Let’s see how it is helpful in these three cases.

Customer Service

CustomGPT offers natural conversations and quick response time. It also adopts your brand voice so every response reflects your unique style, expertise, and tone. It understands user behavior and provides useful insights to customers, helping them find what they’re looking for.

It can also understand behavior and preferences, which makes cross-selling and upselling possible. Customers get product recommendations based on their individual characteristics. You can also automate the customer service process, which means your human staff can focus on other customer issues.

Your AI bot will make sure your website visitors get a personalized experience based on some characteristics such as their geographical location, previous purchases, and search terms.

Customer Engagement

With CustomGPT AI, your customers can interact with your website in a natural language. They don’t have to type in keywords in the search box anymore.

The AI chatbot will understand their question and deliver correct results. In fact, since CustomGPT can understand 93 languages, it can interact with your leads and customers in any language.

It can understand customer behavior and provide the right information that will help close the leads. The chatbot can offer pre-sales support that will nurture your leads and improve conversion.

Your AI bot will be able to automate the pre-sales process. This will accelerate the sales process and increase revenue generation for you.

Topic Research

When a lead wants to understand your products or services, your bot can help them with topic research. Instead of spending hours searching for a particular topic, your AI bot will display the right information to them in a concise way.

Your website visitors will get quick answers instead of having to read PDFs. And all answers will be generated from your knowledge base. There will be no hallucinations or inaccurate responses. This will increase your team’s efficiency while reducing business costs.

Who Uses CustomGPT

CustomGPT has been used by many companies to give their users a powerful AI experience. Here are some organizations that use CustomGPT.


The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) was looking for something that could guide its visitors in the right direction. It used CustomGPT to develop ChatMTC, its AI-powered chatbot. ChatMTC offers accurate responses that it derives from the MIT knowledge base.

With this chatbot, anyone can visit the MIT website and find what they’re looking for without going through the entire website or documents associated with it.


Dlubal provides design software to structural and civil engineers. They wanted a 24/7 customer support chatbot that could offer civil engineering assistance. Since Dlubal is a large company that builds custom software for engineering applications, it wanted scalability with API capabilities.

With CustomGPT, they developed an AI assistant, Mia, on their website that provides assistance to their customers. Mia currently offers customer support to over 130,000 users of Dlubal.

Lehigh University

Lehigh University wanted to build an AI-powered chatbot without the need for coding. They wanted the bot to be trained on a large amount of data that was available in various formats. They also wanted their students to have access to all issues of the Lehigh student newspaper.

They used CustomGPT for their needs and generated a sitemap that indexed through their web content. It indexed over 300 million words and offered an AI-powered bot that currently helps visitors of the university website find what they’re looking for.

CustomGPT Competitors

Let’s look at the major competitors of CustomGPT.

CustomGPT vs ChatBot

ChatBot offers AI Assist, a private AI LLM framework that you can train and launch within minutes. It can integrate with your chat platforms such as LiveChat, HelpDesk, and Facebook. It can also integrate with other platforms such as Shopify, WordPress, and Slack.

ChatBot has open API and webhooks that let you connect with all the tools you use for your business.

It comes with a 14-day free trial and the starter plan begins at $52/month, making it an affordable choice. ChatBot has prebuilt templates that make chatbot deployment even faster. While the services of ChatBot are somewhat similar to CustomGPT, its prices are much lower, making it a good choice for small businesses.

CustomGPT vs ChatBase

Just like CustomGPT, Chatbase also offers an AI chatbot for your website. It offers two AI model choices: GPT-4 and GPT-3.5. It has a free account that will let you harness the power of GPT-4o (the latest GPT model). The basic paid model of ChatBase is cheaper than that of CustomGPT.

ChatBase can collect and qualify leads so you can connect with them later and close them to generate more sales. With ChatBase, you can create multiple personas that engage with customers and give them a different experience each time.

ChatBase can be used with a number of platforms including your website, mobile app, or other platforms where you connect with your customers.

CustomGPT vs Writesonic

Writesonic is another AI-powered chatbot that can help your business. However, while CustomGPT is strictly meant for creating AI bots trained on company data, Writesonic can also help in writing content and SEO optimization.

Writesonic has Chatsonic, a ChatGPT-type AI bot, and Botsonic, a CustomGPT-type AI bot that trains on your company data. Botsonic offers a free trial where you can generate the first 100 messages without paying anything. It uses GPT-4 and generates responses in natural language.

It supports over 50 languages, which isn’t as impressive as CustomGPT but since it is more affordable, you might want to try it for your website.

CustomGPT vs Sendbird

Sendbird helps you build omnichannel messaging support bots to talk to your customers. It offers chat API, video API, voice API, native chat SDKs, and UI components to make things easier for developers. Sendbird has different products for different needs.

The AI chatbot option comes with a free trial of 30 days. After the free trial, you need to subscribe to a paid plan that starts at $99/month.

Sendbird AI chatbot works pretty much like CustomGPT as it lets you upload a file or URL for training. But since Sendbird has other messaging options as well, it could be a better solution for big companies.


CustomGPT works on GPT-4 and will give you an AI-powered chatbot trained on your company data. It supports 93 languages and can train on a number of sources including web pages, documents, videos, and podcasts. It can also generate sitemaps based on the information you provide.

Since it uses ChatGPt-4, it can use sentiment analysis to understand customer sentiment to offer positive interactions. CustomGPT has a context boundary wall that doesn’t let it hallucinate. This results in more accurate responses.

It offers a no-code solution that can be deployed anywhere to interact with your customers. It’s built for all types of businesses and you can use its 7-day free trial to see if it’s a good fit for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I give content to train my CustomGPT chatbot?

There are many ways to do that. You can give your sitemap and upload all your documents in various formats. You can also use Zapier integration so it can take content from your apps and tools.

How is CustomGPT different than ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is trained on all types of data and can interact with users based on that data. Your CustomGPT chatbot will be trained on just your business data and will be able to answer questions regarding your business only.

Can my CustomGPT chatbot turn my podcast or video content into a chatbot experience?

Yes, CustomGPT can process videos and podcasts and transform them into a chatbot experience. You can give your YouTube or podcast URL and it will train on that data.

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