Augmented Reality on iOS and Android

A catalogue of Heartbeat posts covering AR development on iOS and Android

Augmented Reality on iOS and Android

Augmented reality (AR) is one of the fastest growing “next wave” technologies in mobile development. To define AR, I’ll turn to Jameson Toole and his post (linked below) that explores combining AR and AI in mobile development:

To help you get started with developing amazing mobile experiences with AR, we’ve compiled a helpful list of Heartbeat tutorials, explainers, and more.

ARKit 4: Putting the “Reality” Back in Augmented Reality

Learn about what’s new in the ARKit 4 release.

— by Vardhan Agrawal

Apple’s Reality Composer: Put the Moon in Orbit with Augmented Reality

Part two of Vardhan’s series (linked below) on working with Reality Composer.

— by Vardhan Agrawal

Apple’s Reality Composer: Bring Mars into Your Living Room with AR

Create augmented reality experiences in Reality Composer.

— by Vardhan Agrawal

How ARKit 3.5 Enables Immersive Augmented Reality Experiences on iOS

Learn about the cutting-edge technology behind AR apps on iOS.

— by Vardhan Agrawal

ARCore and Sceneform in Android — Performing Gestures and Collisions on Transformable Nodes

Build AR apps easily on Android with Sceneform.

— by Anupam Chugh

Introduction to RealityKit on iOS — Entities, Gestures, and Ray Casting

A thorough introduction to Apple’s new 3D scene rendering framework.

— by Anupam Chugh

Using Core ML and ARKit to Build a Gesture-Based Interface iOS App

Harnessing mobile machine learning and augmented reality on iOS to browse the Internet with hand gestures.

— by Bruno Muniz

Using ARKit on iOS to Build an Augmented Reality Shooter Game

Learn how to build a new kind of first-person shooter using augmented reality with ARKit on iOS.

— by Yuma Soerianto

Using ARCore and Unity3D to Draw Lines in Augmented Reality

Learn how to draw lines in Augmented Reality using ARCore and Unity3D.

— by Shivang Chopra

Combining artificial intelligence and augmented reality in mobile apps

AI and AR are two of the most promising technologies available to mobile app developers. In this post, the two technologies are disambiguated, and we explore what might be built by combining the two.

— by Jameson Toole

Writing a simple Waypoint System in Augmented Reality on iOS

Learn how to write a simple waypoint system in AR on iOS that virtual objects will follow as they move through a scene.

— by Dan Wyszynski

Augmented Reality (AR) Development: Tools and Platforms

A look at the current publishers, platforms, and tools for developers working with augmented reality.

— by Harsh Chandra

Hand Detection with Core ML and ARKit

ARKit allows mixing virtual objects and real world environment. In this post we explore how we can make our real hands interact with virtual objects using machine learning and Core ML in particular.

— by Gil Nakache

Build your first Android AR app with ARCore and Sceneform in 5 minutes

Learn how to build an Android powered by Augmented Reality, using ARCore and Sceneform.

— by Calum Gathergood

Create AR experiences with the Fritz Unity SDK — Bird Perch Tutorial with Pose Estimation

Learn how to use the Fritz Unity SDK to create an immersive augmented reality experience.

— by Christopher Kelly

Creating Snapchat Augmented Reality Lenses — A beginner’s guide

Using Lens Studio to create custom AR Lenses on Snapchat.

— by Harsh Chandra

Creating Instagram and Facebook AR filters with Spark AR Studio — A beginner’s guide (Part 1)

Learn how to create your first AR filter for Instagram and Facebook using Spark AR Studio.

— by Harsh Chandra

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