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In our last newsletter roundup, we looked at the expansive landscape of AI and machine learning newsletters. Luckily for me (and Zain Sajjad, who was a huge help in putting this list together) the demarcations with mobile development newsletters are much more straightforward.

That doesn’t mean there’s any less variety or quality in the content that’s being sent all around the world every week (or every other week). I had a lot of fun researching these excellent newsletters, and I know there’s something in here that will capture your interest. So let’s jump right in!

AppCoda Weekly

A weekly delivery of must-read Swift and iOS programming tutorials, helpful libraries, and a section focused specifically on UI/UX. One of the most reliable sources for excellent iOS tutorials that you’ll find. Brought to you by Simon Ng and the AppCoda team, which also has an impressive library of educational materials: full courses, E-Books, tutorials, and more. [Subscribe, Twitter]

Awesome iOS Weekly

Curated by Vinicius Souza, Awesome iOS Weekly is a code-first look at the latest libraries, links, talks, and more in the iOS world. The core section in this newsletter is a selection of interesting GitHub repos and projects, which is bookended by select tutorials, design content, featured apps, and a “Tweet of the Week”. [Subscribe, Twitter]

Indie iOS Focus Weekly

Curated by (fittingly) independent iOS developer Chris Beshore, Indie iOS Focus offers iOS devs everything from news to app marketing strategies to career opportunities. Each issue looks a little bit different, and Chris’s insightful editorial commentary for each link definitely makes for an appealing inbox item each week. [Subscribe, Twitter]


iOSCocoaTreats is brought to you by the team over at Infinum, a dev shop with offices in New York, San Francisco, Croatia, and Slovenia. This weekly newsletter features a variety of news items, tutorials, educational content, and more. A solid group of hand-picked resources for iOS development for your inbox. [Subscribe, Twitter]

iOS Dev Weekly

One of the main selling points of iOS Dev Weekly is Dave Verwer’s “Comment” that opens each issue. He openly solicits feedback for these editorials, which makes each issue feel a bit more personal. In addition, Dave manages to consistently curate high-quality links for iOS development in a number of different categories: news, tools, code, business/marketing, and more. Definitely a must-have in your inbox each week. [Subscribe, Twitter]

iOS Goodies

iOS Goodies is a no-nonsense collection of excellent tutorials and articles, new tools, business/career discussions, UI/UX content, and more. Curated by Marius Constantinescu, this weekly roundup also points readers to GitHub readme’s for each issue, collecting all the content that didn’t quite make the cut. Definitely a newsletter to subscribe to and a GitHub profile to follow. [Subscribe, Twitter]

Swift Developments

Swift Developments is curated by Andy Bargh, who, as he puts it, is just a regular guy from Southhampton in the UK. But this newsletter betrays Andy’s humility. It’s an impressive weekly list of content and resources in design, code, industry news, libraries, videos, and more, all with insightful commentary. Swift devs should be sure to subscribe to this one. [Subscribe, Twitter]

Swift Weekly

From the curators: “Code examples, tutorials, screencasts and much more to learn Apples new programming language.” If you’re looking for lots of links to explore without as much commentary, then this weekly newsletter is for you. Lots of high quality articles, libraries, and code here. [Subscribe, Twitter]

Swift Weekly Brief

Curated by Bas Broek, Swift Weekly Brief is a community-driven newsletter that centers its focus on open source Swift projects. This includes a unique collection of tasks for beginners, podcast episodes, news from the Swift community, commits and PRs from GitHub, and more. If you’re deep in the Swift weeds, then you’ll love this newsletter. [Subscribe, Twitter]

#AndroidDev Digest

A weekly newsletter that includes all things Android: important platform news, tutorials, Android dev jobs listings, open source projects, and more. Also includes some excellent commentary introducing each link. [Subscribe, Twitter]

Android Weekly

If you’re looking for meat on the bones, then Android Weekly is a great newsletter to receive in your inbox. Lots of helpful links here, with articles and tutorials, job postings, Android news, libraries and code, and videos and podcasts. You’re sure to find something that interests you each week, which is why I love seeing this one pop up in my inbox. [Subscribe, Twitter]

Google Play Developer Newsletter

The official monthly newsletter from Google’s Play Store, geared specifically towards makers and builders. A look at what’s new on Android, what’s new in the Play Store, conference videos, and much more. Lots of internal content here, but if you’re pushing apps to the Play Store and want to hear about the latest Android updates straight from the source, this is a good place to start. [Subscribe, Twitter]

Kotlin Weekly

If you want a clean, content-first newsletter without a lot of extra bells and whistles, then Kotlin Weekly might be a good one for you. Curated by Enrique Lopéz Mañas, this newsletter includes links to tutorials, Kotlin developments, and more, with some simple but effective commentary introducing each piece of content. [Subscribe, Twitter]

Android Authority

If you’re in the Android world, then chances are you’ve heard of Android Authority. It’s one of the leading content providers for Android news, app reviews, device reviews, and much more. But what’s cool about their newsletter is, well, that there’s more than one! 5 to be exact. Developers will likely want to subscribe to Developer Weekly, Daily Top Stories, and Android Weekly. [Subscribe, Twitter]


AndroidSweets is the sibling of iOSCocoaTreats from the Infinum team (see above). Similar to the iOS version, AndroidSweets features a variety of news items, tutorials, educational content, and more. A solid group of hand-picked resources for Android development for your inbox. [Subscribe, Twitter]

Awesome Android Newsletter

Awesome Android Newsletter, curated by the folks at Android Lib Hunt (Awesome Android), stands out because of its simplicity. Each week, you’ll receive a series of links to popular news and tutorials, along with a robust collection of packages and libraries. This strikes me as a newsletter that’s especially suitable for working Android Devs who want to jump right into important tutorials and code. [Subscribe, Twitter]

Other newsletters will sprinkle in a featured job or two, but if you’re looking for a new role, is a must-have resource. Curated by the folks at, this resource compiles Android jobs at all levels, from entry-level to senior. [Subscribe, Twitter]

React Native Newsletter

A bi-monthly summary of React Native news, articles, issues and PRs, libraries, and apps. Curated by Frank von Hoven, a React Native specialist at Infinite Red. They’ve been on a bit of a hiatus the last few months, but hopefully this excellent newsletter will find its way back into our inboxes soon! [Subscribe, Twitter]

Fullstack React

Curator Sophia Shoemaker does a great job selling Fullstack React’s weekly newsletter, so I’ll let her do the work here: “Fullstack React is a weekly newsletter about the React ecosystem with an emphasis on useful libraries, tutorials, and code. Subscribe to read the best articles each week on React, Flux, GraphQL, Relay, and friends.” [Subscribe, Twitter]

Let’s React

Let’s React is a really cool organization I’d never heard of before digging into my newsletter research. Their mission is to spread knowledge about React and React Native—they host meetups, organize workshops, and train and advise companies, in addition to their bi-weekly newsletter. The newsletter, which opens with a comment from curator Kenza Iraki, includes everything you could want: libraries/tools, open source projects, design articles, news, and more. [Subscribe, Twitter]

React Status

A weekly roundup of links and tutorials for both React and React Native. Includes platform news, tutorials, job postings, and code & tools. A pretty simple letter that provides a high volume of quality links across its sections. [Subscribe, Twitter]

React Digest

A compelling premise. The 5 best React articles (Flux, Redux, MobX, React and React Native all get coverage here) each week. Subscribe for yourself to see if the highly-curated links live up to the hype. [Subscribe, Twitter] Weekly

Ray Wenderlich’s educational hub is well-respected in the mobile development space. So many high-quality tutorials and courses (called paths) in iOS & Swift, Android & Kotlin, as well as Beta course tracks in Unity and Unreal Engine. The newsletter includes a lot of fun things: the latest free tutorials, free sample chapters from their newest publications, new podcast episode announcements, and more. Lots of trustworthy and high-quality content to be found here. [Subscribe, Twitter]

It’s our sincerest hope that you find something within this list that sparks your interest or adds nicely to your current newsletter subscriptions. Just a reminder, this list is also on GitHub, so if you see something we missed, you can contribute there as well.

But of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention Heartbeat’s very own newsletter here. We curate the latest news, tutorials, and industry updates across machine learning, with an eye towards its intersection with mobile development. We’ll make this one easy for you to sign-up for, through the embed below ⬇️

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