Top AI & Machine Learning Conferences

In this piece, we’ll look at some of the AI and machine learning conferences that took place in 2019 and highlight some of the best speakers and presentations. These events form a fundamental part of the machine learning and AI communities because they bring people together to learn from each other as well as forge meaningful collaborations.

Strata Data Conferences

The Strata Data Conferences organized by O’Reilly Media, aim to dive into emerging data and machine learning technologies. They involve in-depth tutorials, case studies, as well sessions that explore emerging best practices.

The New York conference covered many topics including the following:

  • Recommendation systems using deep learning,
  • Serverless machine learning with TensorFlow and BigQuery
  • Building a serverless big data application on AWS
  • Machine Learning for enterprise

Video and speaker slides for this event can be found here:

The highlights of the event can be found here:

Here are some of the subjects that you might find interesting from the London event:

  • 8 prerequisites of a graph query language
  • architecting a data platform for enterprise use
  • moving machine learning into production reliably

You can find speaker slides and videos below:

The event’s highlights can be found here:

Let’s now highlight some of the topics covered in the San Francisco event:

  • Distributed TensorFlow and Keras on Apache Spark
  • Apache Spark 2.4
  • Applications of mixed-effects random forests
  • Applied machine learning in finance
  • AutoML and interpretability in healthcare

You can find speaker slides and videos below.

You can find the highlights of the event here.

O’Reilly AI Conferences

The O’Reilly AI Conferences aim at bringing together stakeholders in AI as well as addressing challenges that have emerged in this space. Some of their focus areas include natural language processing and machine data.

The London event covered — among other topics:

  • Adversarial network for natural language synthesis
  • AI for financial time series forecasting and dynamic assets portfolio optimization
  • Anomaly detection in smart buildings using federated learning
  • Building and deploying AI applications and systems at scale
  • Building contextual AI assistants with machine learning and open-source tools

In the mobile machine learning arena, Jameson Toole spoke about creating smaller, faster, production-worthy mobile machine learning models. He also covered optimization, pruning, and compression techniques to keep app sizes small and inference speeds high. His session also explored flexible model architectures that meet performance and accuracy requirements across devices and platforms.

Speaker slides and recordings can be found below.

For the event highlights and keynotes see the link below.

Some of the interesting topics covered in the San Jose event were:

  • Tools and solutions for deep learning at scale
  • Pricing optimizations with DNNs
  • Delivering AI vision ecosystem offers in production
  • Design thinking for AI
  • Getting started with Kubeflow

See the link below for speaker slides and videos.

Check the link below for keynotes and highlights.

The New York engaged attendees on these topics — just to mention a few:

  • The AI and the robotics revolution
  • Unlocking next-generation performance with deep learning compilers
  • A reinforcement learning approach to optimizing preference on a social network
  • Accelerate innovation in the enterprise with distributed ML and DL
  • Best practices for scaling modeling platforms
  • Open-source tools for machine learning model and dataset versioning

You can find speaker slides and videos below.

If you’d rather check out the highlights, see the link below.

The AI Summit

This summit aims at exploring applications of artificial intelligence in the enterprise. It is majorly aimed at business leaders who have a strong interest in artificial intelligence.

Let’s now highlight some of the topics covered in this summit:

  • The Future Impact of AI on Cyber Crime
  • Embedding AI in the future of education
  • Artificial Intelligence in the tax system
  • Lessons from real-world AI deployments
  • Scalable End-to-End Input Pipelines for Deep Learning Training
  • How to transform into an AI company
  • Applied AI in Financial Services
  • Building a Connected Cognitive Retail Bank with AI

AI World Conference and Expo

This event is mainly focused on the state of the practice of AI in the enterprise. It involves — among other things — a hackathon and roundtable discussions.

Some of the subjects included in this event are:

  • Business Strategy with Artificial Intelligence
  • AI Drives Innovation in Enterprise Applications
  • The Promise and Pain of Computer Vision in Retail, Healthcare, and Agriculture
  • AI at Work in Legal, News and Tax & Accounting
  • The Evolution of Conversational Assistants
  • How AI Maturity Impacts a Winning Corporate Strategy

Videos of previous events can be found here

AI for Good Global Summit

The AI for Good Global Summit is a global United Nations platform on AI. It’s organized by ITU with the XPRIZE Foundation, in partnership with UN Sister agencies, Switzerland, and ACM. Among its objectives is to accelerate progress towards UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Some of the subjects discussed here are:

  • Implementations of AI to advance the SDG
  • Scaling AI for Good, AI, Human Dignity
  • Inclusive Societies, AI for Space
  • AI Education and Learning

The video highlights can be found here

The event also has exhibits and demos that can be seen below.

The organizers also have interesting reports that you can peruse.

PyTorch Developer Conference 2019

This is full day of technical talks and project deep dives with the PyTorch team and community. It involves updates on the PyTorch framework such as new libraries and new features.

The conference covered — among other things:

  • PyTorch 1.3 (which included the release of PyTorch Mobile)
  • New tools and libraries
  • Research using PyTorch
  • cloud tooling, PyTorch in industry
  • Secure & private AI


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