Remini AI Review – Give a New Look to Those Old Pics

Nothing ruins happiness more than clicking a rare moment and noticing that the image is blurred. But with AI technology, you don’t have to be disappointed anymore. Apps such as Remini AI can fix your photos and unblur them in just a few seconds.

And it’s not just about unblurring an image. Give it scratched, discolored, side profile images or pictures with messy backgrounds and it fixes all of them. And it also works on videos.

In July 2023, Remini took over Threads in the number of downloads. And it got even more popular when a TikTok user posted her video of generating headshots using Remini. The video had over 3.3M likes and suddenly everyone wanted to try this new magic app.

Let’s see why Remini became hugely popular and what it offers.

What is Remini AI?

remini ai homepage

Remini AI has 40M monthly active users and 15M monthly downloads. Over 5 billion photos and videos have been enhanced with Remini. Those are impressive numbers. But what does it do?

Remini AI is a photo and video enhancer. If you have low-quality photos or videos, it will give them an HD upgrade by adding clarity to them. It can restore old photos by adding details to them. And apart from all these features, it also has the general photo enhancement features you may have seen in other apps.

Some of such features are AI face enhancement, face glow, auto color, and more. You can also denoise your images and enlarge your photos or videos.

The TikTok video that made it super popular was about headshot generation. It can create professional-looking headshots for you. Or you can create your image in any style you want. It lets you generate your photos like they were real.

All you have to do is upload your photos so the AI can be trained on them. Once uploaded, Remini AI will generate breathtaking photos of you in no time.

While most of its results are great, there are glitches now and then. The app isn’t perfect, but it’s worth a shot.

Key Features

  • Enhances photos and improves their quality and resolution using AI
  • Recovers details lost in old photos such as textures and facial features
  • Creates professional headshots with the help of AI
  • Generates realistic photos by combining them with different models
  • Improves video quality and size and adds stunning details
  • Reduces grain and noise in photos
  • Allows batch processing to save time and effort

Pros 👍

  • High quality enhancements that improve the quality of photos
  • API available for developers
  • Apps available on Android as well as iOS
  • Batch processing that saves time
  • Affordable plans

How I Tested Remini AI

testing remini ai

I had some old family photos I wanted to improve. Most of them were blurred and some had even lost their colors. I put them through Remini and most of them were enhanced just as I expected. Some of them were not so good. But I guess that’s what happens with most AI apps.

I’ve used Remini before and back then it worked only on people’s faces. Now it works on any image. The video editing isn’t exactly impressive. It works on really short videos. If you have a video that lasts for over 6 seconds, it won’t work on it, which is really sucky because almost nobody makes such small videos.

I wouldn’t recommend Remini for videos because it only works on very short videos, which is practically useless. But it’s good for images, especially if you want to generate natural-looking results by feeding it about 8-10 of your photos.

Another issue I faced was that the app also gets sluggish in between. Some images are generated quickly while others are just stuck there, waiting to be enhanced. That might be a temporary glitch and may get resolved with the next update but for now, it’s there.

My Experience with Remini AI

I have mixed feelings about Remini. It does unblur photos and improves their quality. But when it comes to video editing, it doesn’t work well. They don’t mention that their video upload feature is highly limited. I’m happy with the results on my old photos but they should mention on the website that any video over 6 seconds will not be edited.

Some images didn’t come out impressive and I’m okay with that. It’s AI after all. But when the app doesn’t return results within a few seconds and you have to wait and then close the app and try again, it gets annoying at times.

If you’re okay with occasional application crashes, Remini AI will be good. Also, keep in mind it can remove some graininess but if the image is too blurry, it cannot fix it. I had an old family photo that was very blurry and the results weren’t impressive.

It did fix some blurriness but couldn’t make it a high-res photo. I’ll still recommend it though – it’s not too expensive.


remini ai pricing

If you’re on the web, it will give you two pricing plans.

  • Personal for $17.99/month
  • Business for $24.99/month

Remini AI is currently running a sale and I got a weekly plan for $0.99. A dollar isn’t a lot and if you want to try Remini, this is the perfect time to do so while the sale is still up. However, this is only for the first week. Prices go up after the trial is up.

Keep in mind that these charges are for desktop usage. These payments will not be transferred to mobile plans.

For API, there’s a pay-as-you-go plan where you can purchase credits according to your usage.

remini ai extra credits

100 credits are available for $39, which translates to $0.39/credit. However, if you buy a bigger pack, it will get cheaper. For example, you can buy 30000 credits for $2999, making it $0.10/credit.

How It Works

Remini AI doesn’t mention its underlying components on its website. But given its working, it’s easy to guess that it uses Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) and Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs).

CNNs work on image processing and are good at identifying parts of images such as edges, patterns, and textures. GANs generate realistic images from low-quality inputs. They have a generator and a discriminator and they both work together to get the right output quality.

Remini also uses image inpainting that fills out missing parts of an image. If you have an old and damaged photograph, Remini can use this technique to fix it, based on the surrounding context.

It can also denoise your photographs, especially in low-light conditions. Remini can distinguish between noise and actual image details to retain important information and remove the parts that are not needed. It also uses super-resolution techniques to upscale images to improve their clarity and resolution.

Features of Remini AI

Remini ai enhance

Here are the most prominent features of Remini AI.

AI Photos

With the AI Photos feature, you can generate hyperrealistic photos of yourself. All you have to do is train the AI with 8-12 photos of yourself and select a model, and it will generate different images that look super realistic. Remini has a library of models you can choose from.

Video Enhancer

Just like Remini unblurs photos, it can also unblur videos. It can improve the size and quality of your video by reconstructing and enhancing the details. There’s a problem though – the video size is highly restricted. It works on short videos and adds clarity to them.

Old Photos Restorer

This is the main reason I used Remini. It restores old photos by adding clarity to them. You know how old photos are grainy – especially the photos from your grandparents’ days. With Remini, you can add clarity to them and see how your parents looked when they were kids. It’s magical and the best feature of this app, imho.

Other Photo Enhancement Features

Apart from these features, Remini AI can fix colors, enhance the background, improve facial features, remove noise from images, and improve the quality of images.

Remini AI also offers API so developers can use Remini features in their applications with ease.

How the AI Photos Feature of Remini Works

Generating AI-enhanced photos of people is what got Remini so popular. Sadly, it’s available only on iPhone and Android and not on the web. Let’s see how you can generate your photos with AI.

Step 1. Train the AI

Select about 8-12 photos so the AI can learn how you look. This is a one-time thing and once the AI is trained, you can generate as many photos as you want.

Step 2. Select a model

Remini has a library of models. You decide what you want to look like. For example, there are professional photos and vacation photos. You can even see what you’d look like a baby. Just select the right model from the library.

Step 3. Generate your photo

Now you can generate realistic images of yourself from different angles from the model you selected. And these photos look super real. As if they were taken by a professional photographer.

User Experience and Reviews

remini ai user reviews

Remini AI has a 4.6-star rating on the App Store and a 4.4-star rating on the Google Play Store. While most users are happy with the app, some users complained about the occasional lags. I also felt that the app sometimes takes too long to fix images.

While this doesn’t happen all the time, it does get annoying when it happens. Other than that, it works well. It won’t restore highly damaged images but it can unblur and add clarity to some extent.

Some users were unhappy that the payment they made on the desktop version didn’t apply to their mobile app, so before you pay for a subscription, make sure you understand that payments are not transferable to different platforms.

Is Remini AI Worth It?

Currently, Remini Web is running a sale and charges $0.99 for a week. It’s worth this price. I mean, a dollar for trying it for seven days makes it practically free.

But after the first week, you’ll need to pay for a subscription. Or you can select the plan that runs ads on mobile devices. That way, you can get Remini AI for free. However, many users complain that the free plan has excessive ads.

I think it’s best to spend a dollar to get a week’s trial and then see if you would like to continue with a subscription.

Remini AI Alternatives

Let’s discuss some other options you can use instead of Remini AI.

Topaz Photo AI

Photo AI by Topaz unblurs photos and adds clarity to them. It can also upscale images, denoise them, remove objects, and adjust lighting. And it does all that with AI, which means you don’t have to make manual edits.

It costs $199 which seems like a lot but it’s not a subscription. It’s a one-time purchase and you can use Topaz Photo AI on up to 2 devices at a time. Topaz Labs also offers Gigapixel 7 that can superscale any image with AI. I have tried Topaz and they offer amazing clarity and quality. But if you need to edit only a couple of images, Remini AI is a much more affordable solution.


Fotor offers all types of image and video editing tools under one roof. It has AI capabilities and can unblur your old photos and add clarity to them. You can create AI headshots, cartoonize yourself, and do a lot more. And the best part is that it also has a free plan. While you cannot utilize AI features for free, you do get basic editing tools in this plan.

Paid subscription starts at $3.99/month which is very affordable. While Fotor has amazing editing capabilities, it is not focused on AI model generated photos like Remini. Fotor is good for general image editing and enhancement.


Picsart is pretty much like Fotor in the sense that it provides nearly all types of image editing tools. It has photo editing, video editing, AI image generation, and more. It has a free plan and the subscription plan begins at $5/month. You get a 7-day free trial as well.

While Picsart is an amazing image editing tool, it provides a lot of generic services and doesn’t generate AI photos on models like Remini. However, if all you want to do is unblur your old and damaged photos, Picsart works just fine. It’s one of the most popular image editing apps out there.


In Conclusion, Remini AI can be a good app for you if you want to enhance your old photos or want to generate AI versions of yourself. However, if you want to edit your videos, Remini might not be the best solution.

It’s easy to use, and you can train the AI on how you look. Once it does that, it can generate realistic photos of you in different poses and styles. If you’re using it on mobile, you can get a free ad-laden version that you can try and see if it’s worth a subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do I have to pay again for some tools?

There are different plans and you can access tools depending on the plan you selected. To access some tools, you’ll need to upgrade to a more premium plan.

I paid for a subscription on my desktop. Why can’t I access the app on my phone?

Remini payment plans are different for web and mobile apps. To use the app on your phone, you’ll need to get a mobile subscription.

Why are the results not always how I expected?

Since it is AI, it’s still improving. The results you get now might not be 100% accurate. To get the best results, make sure your original pics are not too damaged or worn out.

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