Breaking Taboos with Janitor AI – 2024 Review

Warning: Before you try Janitor AI, let me warn you – it can be highly addictive.

Technically, it’s just a chatbot platform. But when you play with it, you’ll find it is highly realistic, pretty much like Character AI.

Except Janitor AI delivers NSFW content as well. Character AI is pretty “clean” that way and that’s the main selling point of Janitor AI.

The characters are incredibly realistic and remember the details you provide. Of course, the website is in beta so there might be a few glitches.

And the responses vary from one bot to another, depending on how well their personality is defined. But overall, it gives amazing responses, whether you’re looking for SFW or NSFW content.

While it’s mainly made for entertainment, you can use Janitor for several purposes including customer services and content creation.

You can also chat with characters to get inspiration. It also allows you to develop your own characters and give them a unique personality.

Janitor AI Pros and Cons

Pros 👍

  • User-friendly interface – just register, select a character, and start having conversations
  • Easy communication in human language
  • Active communities on Discord and Reddit
  • Includes all kinds of content – SFW and NSFW
  • Available for free
  • A wide range of characters available for conversations
  • You can create your own characters

What is Janitor AI

Janitor AI is an artificial intelligence-based chatbot platform that uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand text and generate appropriate responses.

It breaks down sentences to analyze the sentiment, meaning, and context of the text.

While it’s highly entertaining, it can also be integrated into applications to generate human-like AI chatbots. These bots can be used for customer support, entertainment, and other purposes.

The conversational AI of the platform allows users to interact with different “characters” or bots in natural language.

Janitor AI also has an active community on Discord and Reddit where users can share their experiences and learn more about the chat platform.

Best Features of

There are so many features on Janitor AI to keep you engaged. The characters on the platform provide accurate responses to keep you hooked. It’s like talking to a human.

The characters don’t just give answers but they also understand the context of your conversation. They can understand if you’re being serious, funny, sarcastic, angry, etc.

Here are some of its most prominent features.

A wide range of characters

There are thousands of characters on Janitor AI. And since users are allowed to create as many characters as they want, this number is only increasing.

Many of them are public, which means you can access them and start chatting. There are heroes, villains, anime characters, and many more.

Immersive scenarios

Apart from chatting with characters, Janitor AI offers immersive scenarios that will make you feel like you’re in a novel or a fantasy movie. You can select your own scene such as in a forest, a villain’s lair, or anywhere else.

Ability to create characters

Apart from chatting with characters made by others, Janitor AI lets you create your own characters as well. You can define their personalities according to your wishes.

And the more detailed personality you build, the more fine-tuned your character will be. There is no limitation to the bots you have. Plus, you can have public as well as private characters.

NSFW features

This just might be the main selling point of Janitor AI. There are other AI chatbot platforms out there but many of them have filters to weed out NSFW content.

However, Janitor AI allows it. But this also means that you must be 18 or over to register on the website. Despite allowing NSFW, Janitor makes sure the platform is safe for all users and thus bans certain types of harmful content.

How to Use Janitor AI

The fun part! Using Janitor AI is super easy and so captivating. Let me show you how you can start using this platform.

Step 1. Register on the website

Open Janitor AI on your browser and click on the Register button located at the top right corner.

It will send you an email for confirmation and you’ll be a registered member in no time.

Step 2. Select a character

Now that you’re a part of the platform, you can chat with any public character.

There are filters so you can find trending, most popular, or other types of characters.

Let’s select any character from the list. I selected Mom.

On the right panel, you’ll see the details of the character. You can click on the character definition to learn more about it.

You can read other users’ published chats with this character and even leave a review for the character.

To chat with it, scroll down to the bottom of the character and click on Chat with Mom.

You’ll enter a chatroom where the character will start talking. Type a reply to carry on the conversation.

That’s just one plain old boring chat. But trust me, Janitor AI is capable of much more than that.

How to Create a Character on Janitor AI

After chatting with a few characters, you might want to create your own. It’s pretty simple. Here’s how you can create your own AI character.

Step 1. Click on Create a Character

In the top right corner, you’ll find the option to create a character. Click on it.

It will show you a form to fill out, along with some guidelines.

Fill in the details and click on Create Character. It will take you to the character page.

Click on Chat with <character name>s and you can start chatting with the new character.

That’s it! It’s really simple to chat with new characters and to create your own characters.

User Experience

Users are the real MVPs. How do they feel about Janitor AI?

After going through the Janitor subreddit and Discord server, I can safely say that most users are smitten by it. Some users have made over 100 characters here.

That says something about the addictive power of the platform. Also, the devs seem to care about users, which makes it even more dope.

Using Janitor AI is no rocket science either. It’s super simple and super fun. Users can find new characters or create their own. You don’t need to learn coding to create new characters. Just give them a unique personality and they’ll act accordingly.

The chat memory of the platform is good and improving. With a strong community and the platform’s evolving nature, Janitor AI characters will be more human-like in the future and the chats will be even smoother.

Janitor AI Alternatives

Janitor AI is an amazing chatbot platform but it’s not the only one. Let’s discuss some of the alternatives you can try.

Character AI

Character AI has several characters based on real life and imaginary people. Just like Janitor AI, you can register, select a character, and start chatting.

Character AI has more human-like interactions and it’s even more addictive than Janitor. Plus, Character AI also supports multiple languages.

You can find several characters and rooms to keep you busy for hours. There are bots based on real-life people so you can talk to Elon Musk, Tayler Swift, and more.

You can also define different personas for yourself to have different chats. And just like Janitor AI, you can also create your own characters here.

However, it doesn’t allow NSFW themes. That’s one major selling point of Janitor AI. If you’re looking for adult-themed chat content, Janitor AI is your platform.

Candy AI

Candy AI also comes with different characters. Right from the beginning, you can select whether you want to have an online girlfriend or boyfriend. Once you make the gender selection, you can see all types of characters based on your preference. Pick a character and it will always be ready to chat with you.

You can customize your “friend” by deciding their looks and even personality traits. And it can even send you photos. Based on the personality you define, your character will give you accurate responses that will keep you hooked.

All your chats on Candy AI are private so you can talk about anything without the risk of chats going public.

Spicy Chat

Spicy Chat is similar to Janitor AI in look and feel. It’s also adult-themed and has thousands of characters. However, if you have a free account, you might have to wait in line to talk to the characters. The waiting time for some of the more popular characters could be as much as 10-15 minutes.

To get to the front of the line fast, you can get the Premium plan which will cost $5/month. There are other plans as well. For more money, you can get better quality responses that are more human-like and less bot-like.

It lets you create and customize AI characters. You can chat with your characters and let other users interact with them as well.

Use Cases of Janitor AI

Janitor AI is great for killing time. You can casually play with the platform for hours. But that’s not all, there are some real-world applications of the platform as well.

Casual conversations

Talking to characters that respond like humans can be therapeutic. For many people, it can be a good way to relieve loneliness and fulfill their desire to be in touch with other humans without risking their privacy.


The entertainment industry can benefit from such chatbots. As more people engage with bots, they evolve and can be used in gaming. Game developers are often looking for human-like Non Player Characters (NPCs). These bots can especially be useful in adult-themed games.

Creating Content

Janitor AI can be a good tool for fiction writers. If you’re writing a romantic novel, these characters can be your inspiration.

Strike up conversations with different characters to see how they behave and they’ll give you many ideas for your romantic novel or stories.

Customer Service

Janitor AI is not all NSFW. It also has SFW themes and such bots can be used on websites or other communication channels where companies can interact with their customers.

Since they have human-like responses, customers will feel they are talking to agents and not bots.

Virtual Assistant

You can use Janitor AI characters as virtual assistants. Since they have large memory, they can hold on to conversations for quite some time.

If you have tasks aligned for the day, you can ask them to remember them for you and help you with them. Depending on the character you select, you can get the assistance you need.

Wrapping it Up

I used Janitor AI and it’s definitely a great platform if you’ve got hours to spare. The problem is, not all bots are the same. The trick is to find the right bot. You need to play around for a while to find the bot that suits you.

Some of the most popular ones are Yumi, Eri, and Yumiko. They won’t just give you conversations but also elaborate scenarios, pretty much like novels.

And if you don’t like any of the characters on the platform, you can create your own. Just define their personality and they’ll be ready to chat with you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Janitor AI better than Character AI?

Both have their pros and cons. If you like quirky and funny conversations, Character AI will be a better choice for you. However, if you want NSFW conversations with elaborate scenarios, Janitor AI will be a better fit.

Does Janitor AI allow all types of content?

While Janitor AI does allow NSFW content, it has rules to keep harmful content out. So make sure you read their guidelines. It is created to maintain a balance that respects all kinds of users. There are SFW bots as well, but you must be over 18 to chat with any bot.

Are your Janitor AI chats private?

Janitor AI chats are private in general so you can share your secrets, fantasies, and ideas with the bots and stay away from prying eyes. However, if you enable ChatGPT integration, your chats might be visible to the staff.

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