6 Best ChatGPT Mobile Apps for 2024

If you’re diving head-first into the generative AI revolution, you might have found yourself searching for the best ChatGPT mobile apps.

After all, while ChatGPT’s web application is great for desktop users, it’s not ideal for those who want to chat with artificial intelligence on the move.

Whether you’re using ChatGPT to rapidly generate response to professional emails, craft social media captions, or just upgrade your research, a mobile app can be a fantastic tool.

So, how do you know which option to choose?

We’ve reviewed some of the most popular ChatGPT mobile apps (and alternatives) to bring you the best solutions for 2024.

Best ChatGPT Mobile Apps

  1. ChatSonic
  2. ChatOn
  3. Genie
  4. Frank
  5. Nova AI
  6. Bing Chat

What is ChatGPT? A Quick Introduction

ChatGPT is one of the world’s most popular generative AI applications. It’s a chatbot, developed by OpenAI, and originally launched in November 2022.

Based on large language model technology, it can understand human text and basic “prompts”, and produce creative responses.

ChatGPT can answer questions, just like a standard chatbot, but it can also create comprehensive content, such as blogs and email campaigns, design content briefs, and even help with coding.

For all kinds of users, ChatGPT has emerged as a fantastic tool, capable of improving productivity, and saving people time on a range of tasks.

Plus, thanks to machine learning capabilities, as well as OpenAI’s ever-evolving AI models, ChatGPT is improving all the time.

Is ChatGPT Available for Mobile?

If you’re looking for the best ChatGPT mobile app, it only makes sense to start with ChatGPT itself. The good news is you can use ChatGPT on mobile devices. There’s a version for Android users, and one for iOS users, and both are free, unless you upgrade to ChatGPT Plus, or ChatGPT Enterprise.

The mobile version of ChatGPT is similar to the web-based solution. It can respond to natural language prompts, just like the web app, and deliver tailored, creative answers to questions.

Plus, the app is extremely easy to use. It can even sync your data history across devices, so you can follow up on a previous conversation you started when using your desktop browser.

The downside is that the mobile app still has all of the limitations of the standard free version of ChatGPT, such as limited access during peak times, and no access to the internet.

Why Look for a ChatGPT Alternative for Mobile?

Since you can access ChatGPT for mobile devices, you might wonder why you’d consider using anything else. The simple answer is that while ChatGPT is a powerful tool, it does still have its limitations.

That’s particularly true if you’re using the free version of the platform.

The free version of ChatGPT can’t access the internet, and doesn’t use the most advanced learning models from OpenAI.

You’re limited to GPT-3.5, which can still suffer from AI hallucinations and accuracy issues. Plus, while ChatGPT is an excellent general-use AI solution, it lacks advanced features for specific needs. Using an alternative means you can:

  • Access more input options: Some ChatGPT alternatives can support a range of input options. This means you can talk to your AI chatbot using your phone microphone, or ask the artificial intelligence tool to analyze images and videos, instead of just text.
  • Improve security: While advanced versions of ChatGPT have more security protections, the free version does have some issues with privacy and compliance. Using a different tool may give you more control over your data.
  • Address specific needs: Certain AI tool options are ideal for specific needs. For instance, some solutions can help you browse the internet, while others are great for generating creative content much faster than ChatGPT.
  • Leverage unique features: Many ChatGPT alternatives come with unique capabilities, such as integrations with social media and messaging apps, or image generation tools. This means you can use your app for a range of different use cases.

The Best ChatGPT Mobile Apps in 2024

We’ve already mentioned that there is an official ChatGPT app for Android and iOS, so for this list, we’re going to focus on the alternatives that can offer a more advanced experience than OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

For each suggestion, we’ll cover the pros and cons, the pricing, and the best use case.

1. ChatSonic

Chatsonic-Best ChatGPT Mobile Apps

Best for: Creating multiple forms of AI content.

If you’re using generative AI to create unique content, ChatSonic is definitely worth checking out.

Created by WriteSonic, this tool is powered by the latest OpenAI model, GPT-4, and features machine learning capabilities, so its responses get better over time.

ChatSonic can create summaries of your content for you, act as a writing assistant for emails and essays, and help you browse the internet.

The cutting-edge conversational AI tool also includes natural language processing, so it can recognize your speech, as well as text inputs. Plus, it can generate AI images, alongside written content.


There is a free version of ChatSonic, which allows you to generate up to 10,000 words per month. However, it only supports GPT-3.5.

The paid plans, with GPT-4, start at $19 per month, and allow you to create up to 200,000 words. Your pricing increases depending on the number of words you generate, as well as the number of users you need to support.

Pros 👍

  • Excellent content generation (text and images)
  • Natural language processing for voice control
  • GPT-4 for amazing accuracy
  • Access to the internet for up-to-date content
  • User-friendly interface

2. ChatOn

ChatOn-Best ChatGPT Mobile Apps

Best for: An enhanced ChatGPT experience

If you like the idea of using the official ChatGPT app, but you don’t appreciate its limited functionality, ChatOn might be the perfect solution.

This AI chatbot assistant can generate any kind of text instantly, from social posts to comprehensive blog briefs. It can also convert words into pictures, answer math problems, and produce content in different tones.

Because the solution uses a multi-modal generative pre-trained transformer, it can also understand images, so you can snap photos to add them to your prompts.

The chatbot app also supports multiple languages, and can act as a personal assistant, organizing your schedule and tasks.

Plus, it includes natural language processing, so you can speak, instead of typing.


While you can download the ChatOn app for free, it comes with limited functionality. You’ll need to pay for a subscription to access the full functionality.

Plans start at $6.99 per month, for unlimited access to all of the chatbot’s various features.

Pros 👍

  • Text and speech recognition
  • Support for creating all kinds of content
  • Image creation tools
  • GPT-4 support, with internet access
  • Similar experience to ChatGPT

3. Genie

Genie-Best ChatGPT Mobile Apps

Best for: A personalized app experience

Another great option if you’re looking for the best ChatGPT mobile app, Genie is a conversational tool powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3 and GPT-4 models.

The AI chat assistant can help you organize your schedule, answer questions, or streamline content creation. It’s basically like having an ever-evolving personal assistant in your pocket.

Thanks to OpenAi’s GPT technology, the user experience on Genie is constantly evolving. The virtual assistant can learn from interactions and personalize future conversations to your needs.

Plus, the app comes with some great AI keyboard features. This means it embeds AI into your phone keyboard, so you can improve content and compose messages with AI, whatever app you’re using.


Genie has a free starter version, which supports up to 2,500 words of AI writing per month, and unlimited users.

Alternatively, you can pay for a “weekly unlimited” plan for $6.99 per month, with access to more content generation support.

There’s also a “Pro” access version, for $7.99, which unlocks more advanced features like Siri support.

Pros 👍

  • Free Android and iOS app options
  • Convenient conversation experience
  • ChatGPT-4 support
  • Great keyboard AI tools
  • Integrated machine learning

4. Frank

Frank-Best ChatGPT Mobile Apps

Best for: Direct and concise communication

Available for iPhone users on the Apple app store, and Android users on the Google Play store, Frank is a straightforward AI chat assistant, great for people who want to save time.

The app is built on ChatGPT’s API, but it delivers faster, more streamlined responses than ChatGPT.

The tool includes ads-free search engine support, image creation, and content generation. It can even produce graphs, or respond to emails on your behalf.

Frank understands natural language (voice or text), and is available in more than 100 languages worldwide. Plus, he can even respond to your questions using an AI voice.

There’s even a handy keyboard extension to add AI to all your apps.


Frank is available to download for free, but if you want to access advanced features, you’ll need a paid plan.

The Basic plan starts at $9.99 per month, or there’s an “Unlimited Power plan”, which allows you to generate more content and images, for $19.99 per month.

Pros 👍

  • Voice and text recognition
  • Support for more than 100 languages
  • Access to the internet for up-to-date information
  • Prompt community to help you get started
  • Image generation

5. Nova AI

Nova-Best ChatGPT Mobile Apps

Best for: Cutting edge AI support

The functionality of Nova AI goes beyond what you can expect from most ChatGPT AI apps. It might even be the best ChatGPT app for business users, thanks to its advanced algorithms and functionality.

The app is powered by ChatGPT, GPT-4, and PaLM 2, for exceptional accuracy.

With this tool, you can access answers to questions from the internet, create content, edit and proofread content, and even engage in comprehensive conversations.

The solution supports more than 140 languages, and cross-device compatibility. Plus, it offers insights into analytics, helping you to understand your interaction patterns, and optimize your prompts.


You can download Nova AI for free to access basic chatbot functionality. However, the Pro version of the app comes with more features for comprehensive content generation and internet searches.

Paid plans start at around $4.99 per week depending on the level of functionality you need.

Pros 👍

  • Powered by multiple LLM models
  • Robust analytics and reporting
  • Support for 140+ languages
  • Comprehensive internet access
  • Exceptional content generation

6. Bing Chat

Bing -Best ChatGPT Mobile Apps

Best for: Searching the web and answering questions

If you’re looking for an iOS or Android app that makes it easier to browse the web and get instant answers to complex questions, Bing Chat could be ideal for you.

Designed by Microsoft, with support from OpenAI, this free Chat GPT alternative is great for beginners.

It features GPT-4 technology, so you can access the internet, and it can help you accomplish a variety of tasks.

You can use Bing Chat to craft poems or emails, design quizzes, prepare for a job interview, or even create unique images, thanks to an integration with Dall-E 3.

Bing Can also translate your content into different languages, and offer recommendations to improve content quality.


Unlike most of the best ChatGPT mobile apps, Bing is entirely free to use. There are no charges for creating any content (including images).

Plus, you don’t have to pay a monthly subscription fee. For us, it’s the best free Chat GPT solution around.

Pros 👍

  • Constant advancements supported by Microsoft
  • Dall-E integration for image creation
  • Internet access for real-time searching
  • Rapid content generation
  • Easy to use interface

Choosing the Best ChatGPT App in 2024

The good news for today’s AI fans, is that there are plenty of ways to tap into the benefits of generative AI, wherever you are.

Although you can always download the official mobile version of the ChatGPT tool, we’d recommend considering some alternatives too.

The options above leverage the same technology as ChatGPT, to give you a similar experience, but they include more advanced features, like access to the internet, image generation, and natural language processing.

Just remember that some of these tools do come with an extra fee to consider.


Which GPT chat app is best?

It all depends on the functionality you’re looking for. We’d recommend Chatsonic for content creation, Genie if you want a virtual personal assistant, and Nova AI for cutting edge AI innovation. If you want a free solution, check out Bing Chat.

What is the best version of ChatGPT?

If you’re looking for the ultimate ChatGPT experience, it’s worth upgrading to either ChatGPT Plus, or ChatGPT Enterprise. The paid versions of the app include access to the latest language models, and more advanced features, including the ability to create your own GPT app.

Which ChatGPT app is genuine?

If you’re looking for an official ChatGPT experience, download the OpenAI ChatGPT app on the Google Play or Apple stores. However, keep in mind that OpenAI’s API technology allows other vendors to create “genuine” apps with the same technology.


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