Best AI Tool Directories in 2024

This article reviews and compares the best websites dedicated to exploring new AI tools. These platforms offer categorized lists to help users discover AI-powered tools for increased productivity in both work and personal life.

While many people already use OpenAI’s ChatGPT and other AI chatbots to optimize their workflows, high-quality AI tools can further simplify tasks and introduce cutting-edge functionality.

Some of the most popular tools cover automation, content creation, copywriting, image generation, customer support, and more.

Best AI Directories

  1. There’s An AI For That – Best for exploring the latest tools
  2. Future Tools – Best for curated recommendations
  3. Futurepedia – Best for exploring free vs paid tools
  4. Tool Pilot – Best for business looking for inspiration
  5. – Best for Exploring different use cases
  6. – Best for finding Chrome extensions and mobile apps

Quick Summary Table

RankingDirectoryNumber of toolsNumber of CategoriesBest for
1There’s An AI For That10,000+2,500+Exploring the latest tools
2Future Tools2,500+30Curated recommendations
3Futurepedia5,500+66Exploring free and paid tools
4Tool Pilot1,000+67Businesses looking for AI tools compatible with their platforms
5TopAI.tools5,000+31Exploring tools for different use cases
6Toolify.ai7,000+200+Chrome extensions and mobile apps

What are the best AI Tool Directories for 2023?

1. There’s An AI For That – Best for exploring the latest tools

There’s An AI For That is the world’s largest directory of AI tools, boasting 3.6 million monthly visitors since its inception in 2022 by @imakecoolsites.

The site features a list of 10,000 manually vetted AI tools categorized into 2,500 tasks. Its AI-powered search engine allows natural queries like “tools for SEO” or “help with SQL.”

The tools are listed in chronological order by when they were added to the site, which makes it very useful for checking out the latest tools, but less helpful if you’re only interested in one particular category of tools.

Descriptions for each tool are generated by AI, so the content is fairly generic and not that useful for evaluating the actual quality of a given tool.

The site also has a “Job Impact Index” which lists relevant AIs for different roles, which can be helpful if you’re a professional looking for tools to help in your specific position.


  • Extensive list of 10,000 AI tools divided into 2,500 tasks
  • Fast and accurate AI search functionality
  • The chronological sorting is great for exploring the latest AI tools
  • Dedicated page with categorisation of tools relevant to specific jobs

Who is it best for

There’s an AI For That is well-suited for individuals and businesses interested in exploring the latest AI tools.

What we think of There’s An AI For That

There’s an AI For That is a great choice for exploring new AI tools when you’re open to various options. It’s an extensive list, so you’ll likely find dozens or even hundreds of AI tools for your use case.

On the other hand, the immensity of the site with its large list of categories, as well as the generic tool descriptions makes it a bit difficult to discern which tools are actually worthwhile.

2. Future Tools – Best for curated recommendations

Future tools is an AI tool directory by Matt Wolfe (500k subscribers on YouTube), a prominent name in the AI space, known for his easy-to-understand coverage of AI news and in-depth reviews of new tools.

Despite having the smallest list of tools in this comparison at around 2,500 tools organized into 30 categories, it has over a million users per month, much thanks to Matt’s YouTube popularity.

While the site has a very simple design with only the most basic filtering and sorting, it feels more curated than other AI tool directories.

One standout feature is “Matt’s Picks,” providing a list of just 165 recommended tools. The site also claims to have a manual and rigid approval process, which appears credible considering Matt’s in-depth YouTube videos on many of the tools in his top list.


  • Feels more curated than other directories, particularly when filtering by “Matt’s Picks”
  • Useful, manageable list of categories to choose from

Who is it best for

Future Tools is best for those seeking curated recommendations for AI tools.

What we think of Future Tools

Future Tools is a great place to find vetted AI tools, without an overwhelming amount of options.

While it has limited sorting and filtering functionality, the tools listed on the site maintain a high-quality due to the site’s approval process.

3. Futurepedia – Best for exploring free vs paid tools

Futurepedia is another very popular directory of AI tools started in late 2022 that has around 1.7 million users per month. It lists over 5,500 tools with easy navigation due to its moderate set of categories.

The AI-driven search functionality simplifies finding specific tools, so you can just type what you’re looking for such as “I want to create a Twitter thread”, and it will filter out a set of tools that match your query.

I also found the ability to sort tools by popularity, verified and pricing (free/freemium/paid) particularly useful.

Many tools have a “verified” label, indicating established companies or good social media presence. Although as a user I would have liked a bit more explanation on how these terms (“established” and “good”) are evaluated, using the verified filter does seem to make it a bit easier to find quality tools.

While the site gives a strong overview of AI tools available in different categories, the descriptions come across as quite generic, possibly AI generated.

I found the site great for navigating categorized lists of AI tools, but I don’t get the sense that it’s the most curated collection of tools.


  • Handy pricing filters in combination with being able to sort by “popular” lets you find free, useful AI tools
  • The big selection of tools typically gives you dozens of options to explore

Who is it best for

Futurepedia is a great option for exploring new AI tools, with useful price filters, with particularly useful price filters.

What we think of Futurepedia

Futurepedia is one of the most popular AI tool directories with good reason. It boasts an impressive list of tools with user-friendly navigation and filtering that makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.

4. Tool Pilot – Best for business looking for inspiration

Tool Pilot curates a list of 1,000+ AI tools divided into 67 categories. With the most advanced filtering options in this comparison, the directory is particularly suitable for businesses looking to use AI tools in their operations.

This is because users can filter by relevant things like platform availability and whether or not an API is accessible.

There’s also categorized filters for third-party integrations, making it possible to see which tools are compatible with popular business platforms such as Zapier, Hootsuite or Intercom.

Two more notable features of the site include the handy Editor’s Pick filter, and the ability to see actual pricing (for the cheapest plan) directly on each tool’s thumbnail. The latter is also filterable with a slider, making it easy to find a tool that is within your budget.


  • Highly useful filtering for businesses such as platforms, API and third-party integrations
  • Handy editor’s pick filter lets you quickly find high-quality tools

Who is it best for

Tool Pilot caters to businesses seeking AI tools compatible with their platforms.

What we think of Tool Pilot

Tool Pilot is a well-made site that makes it easy to explore different dimensions of AI tools, beyond what is possible with the other directories in this comparison.

Its advanced filters make it particularly valuable for finding AI tools to use for business purposes.

5. – Best for Exploring different use cases offers a big range of options with a library of over 5,000 tools, neatly sorted into use cases, making it easy for you to find the right AI tool for your needs. Something to be aware of is that the first section on the home page are all featured (paid for) listings, and you’ll need to scroll down to reach the section of most recent tools.

As mentioned, the website stands out for its dedicated page featuring 333 use cases, and these are categorized into personal, business, and digital domains. In the business section, you’ll find use cases related to customer support, e-commerce and marketing tools.

In the personal section, there are categories like travel, fitness and nutrition. The digital section covers more general AI use cases like video generators, text-to-speech and data analysis.


  • Extensive list of tools for 333 use cases within the domains of business, personal and digital.

Who is it best for is a good choice for those looking to explore a broad range of AI tools available for specific use cases.

What we think of

While I enjoyed the site’s simple design and useful categorisation, I thought it lacked a sorting option, which made it difficult to understand what are the recent or most popular tools within a given category.

It’s definitely worth a look if you are curious to explore AI tools from the perspective of various use cases.

6. – Best for finding Chrome extensions and mobile apps offers over 7,000 tools across 200+ categories, making it one of the largest directories. With over 200 categories, navigating the site and its massive list of categories feels a bit overwhelming. With tools being sorted in chronological order, the experience is somewhat similar to There’s an For That. It also has some unique features like being able to see the web traffic of each tool along with the countries in which it is most popular.

I found the site particularly useful for discovering AI browser extensions and mobile apps, with filters for these categories, and sorting by popularity.


  • Ability to filter out AI browser extensions and mobile apps
  • Detailed web traffic for each tool, and in which countries it’s most popular

Who is it best for is a great choice for exploring popular AI tools, especially for browsers and mobile apps.

What we think of’s extensive library of auto-updated tools is definitely not as curated as some other AI tool directories like Future Tools.

It provides unique features like advanced filtering and usage statistics for each tool, making it a platform worthy of consideration for exploring the breadth of available AI tools.


Some AI tool directories stand out as more curated, with strict criteria for listing and a focused selection of tools, while others focus on capturing the breadth of AIs that are available.

Yet others are potentially more useful in specific instances, such as if you’re looking for AI-powered browser extensions or if you’re a business aiming to find AI tools that work with your existing platforms.

Whatever task you are wanting to solve with AI – if it exists, these directories probably have it listed. They offer a curated view of the different tools out there, with advanced filtering and sorting to help you find what you need.


Dario Chincha

Dario Chincha is a solopreneur with a deep fascination for AI and technology. With a long background researching trends and markets, he simplifies the complex world of AI for a wide audience. He is the creator of, a popular hub for discovering ChatGPT plugins. He also curates the top stories in AI in his weekly newsletter, What's Brewing in AI, for 3,000+ readers.

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