ModelDepot and Fritz AI Partner to Provide Mobile-friendly ML Models

Today we’re announcing a partnership with ModelDepot to provide pre-trained machine learning models converted specifically for use in mobile apps. Three newly-converted models are now available in Core ML format for use in iOS applications. This is just the start, and over time we’ll add additional models and additional ML platforms.

Our goal at Fritz AI is to make mobile machine learning easy. But creating and training new machine learning models is difficult and time-consuming. ModelDepot has always been an excellent resource for discovering the right pre-trained ML model for your project, and now that’s even more true. By including model formats that mobile apps can easily use, ModelDepot can help more developers.

Installing a model is as simple as downloading it on ModelDepot, and dragging the Core ML file into Xcode. Of course, we hope you’ll consider using Fritz AI in order to manage models and see analytics on how these models perform in your app. If you want to use it, sign up for Fritz AI here.

We’d like to extend a hearty Thank You to the ModelDepot team, who have been an absolute pleasure to partner with. In time, we hope to expand this partnership and, together, continue removing barriers for developers who are solving problems with machine learning.

Dan + The Fritz AI Team


Our team has been at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning research for more than 15 years and we're using our collective intelligence to help others learn, understand and grow using these new technologies in ethical and sustainable ways.

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