Introducing Fritz AI Pre-trained Projects for SnapML in Lens Studio

6 ready-to-use Lens Studio Projects that leverage custom ML models built with Fritz AI

We’re committed to making it easier to work with machine learning across mobile platforms. That’s why we’re happy to share that we’ve created a number of pre-trained SnapML project templates that are ready-to-use in Lens Studio upon download.

This means that Snapchat Lens Creators working with Fritz AI now have an even easier way to get started with machine learning in their projects. Just download the project zip file, open the Lens Studio Project, and let your imagination run free. That’s it!

Note that the AR effects added to each template (seen below) are meant as placeholders to showcase what the ML features do and how they function in action.

Stay tuned, as we’ll be adding more fun and festive templates in the near future — but for now, here’s what we have available.

Pokemon — Image Labeling

We didn’t *quite* catch ’em all, but we did build this model that recognizes 149 different Pokémon.

Superheroes — Image Labeling

12 superheroes recognized in this template project, including The Man of Steel, The Dark Knight, Iron Man, and numerous others.

(Self-disclosure: I grew up on Tim Bruton’s creepy Batman world so I might be biased here.)

Clean or Messy Room — Image Labeling

Game-ify the chore of cleaning up your room? That’s just one possibility with this either/or image labeling project.

More likely, I’d be Snapping my brother/roommate after he leaves the kitchen all sloppy again.

Soccer Ball — Object Detection

Detect and track instances of soccer balls in a given video.

For some reason, I’m imagining a sort of small rag-doll mini-Austin anchored to the ball as it’s kicked around the pitch.

Face Mask Color Changer — Image Segmentation

Face masks aren’t going away anytime soon, unfortunately—and for good reason. Wear a mask!

With this template, we can at least make it fun, though…you can change the color with a slider as seen below, or experiment with other AR effects to transform face masks.

Hair Color Changer — Image Segmentation

This hair segmentation template allows us to experiment with new hair styles, colors, and more.

I kind of want someone to turn my hair into a bird’s nest. Couldn’t really tell you why.

Ready to Start Creating?

If you have an idea for how to take one of these baseline project templates and transform it into an immersive, engaging Lens, we’d love to hear about it (or see it in action!).

And remember, stay tuned! We’ll have more template projects available soon…

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