8 Best AI Websites to Watch in 2024

Artificial intelligence (AI) is taking the internet by storm. You can now use AI websites to streamline various tasks that would previously have taken you a lot of time and energy.

With the global AI market projected to expand at an annual growth rate of 37% through 2030, according to Grand View Research, the adoption of AI technologies is more than a trend; it’s a strategic move for future-proofing workflows.

This article will explore the top AI websites, showcasing how they can streamline your tasks and enhance productivity.

What is an AI Website?

Before we go through the websites, let’s first explain what an AI website is. An AI website is a tool that is hosted on the internet that utilizes deep and machine learning models to automate a plethora of tasks, streamlining operations with minimal human intervention.

There are various use cases of AI websites. For instance, chatbots like ChatGPT rely on user text prompts, generating answers and solutions tailored to their needs.

Similarly, there are AI websites that prepare content, write blogs, do research, generate music art, and many more, or ai website builders which let you generate a website based on a prompt, or just use ai to assist in the design and development process.

The machine learning model analyzes user data, through interactions, and predicts preferences to deliver better results over time.

Why Use an AI Website?

Now, you may ask, why use an AI website when humans can do the same thing? The answer to this is convenience.

Utilizing AI websites will boost your productivity, by as much as 40% compared with workers who don’t use it, as reported by MIT Sloan. Most importantly, using an AI website allows you to enable you to focus on more critical tasks.

Here are some more reasons why you should be using AI websites (to name a few):

  • Rapid Content Creation: AI’s generative capabilities can produce content in mere minutes, significantly reducing time spent on content development
  • Inspiration and Ideas: Encounter an artist’s block? AI platforms offer a wealth of ideas and inspirations to jumpstart your creativity
  • Professional-Grade Design Quality: For those in the creative fields, AI provides access to professional-grade designs by analyzing vast online resources, delivering instant feedback for refinement
  • Enhanced Research Capabilities: Academics and researchers gain invaluable data and insights, thanks to AI’s deep analysis

7 Best AI Websites

Let’s now look at the 7 best AI websites for each situation, available today.

1. aiPDF – Best AI PDF Chat Website

Scanning through PDF documents for information can be a hassle. aiPDF is the best AI PDF chat website to help you summarize any PDF document to make it more digestible instantly.

It has an interactive interface that enables you to upload any PDF document and ask questions about it.


  • Free Plan: $0/month, allows up to 2 PDF uploads, 1-month save duration, 550 questions to ask, and 35MB max PDF upload size
  • Dynamic Plan: $9/month, allows up to 120 PDF uploads, 6-month save duration, 5500 questions to ask, and 50MB max PDF upload size
  • Flagship Plan: $19/month, allows unlimited PDF uploads, unlimited save duration, and unlimited questions to ask, as well as up to 65MB max PDF upload size


  • Chrome Extension: PDF. Ai makes working easier with its Chrome extension
  • Quick Answers: The tool gives instant replies to any question or prompts that you input
  • Includes Sources: It provides sources for every response directly from the PDF


  • Limited Free Plan: The features of the free plan can be restrictive for some

Who is this best for?

Students, academic researchers, or just about anyone who works with large PDF files and needs to save time.

Key features

  • Can analyze documents to provide actionable insights and data
  • Chat with your uploaded PDF by asking questions to understand better

2. ChatGPT – Best AI Chat Website

The one that started the recent generative AI revolution, OpenAI’s ChatGPT deserves to be the best AI chat website on the internet.

With its state-of-the-art large language models like GPT, generative image model DALL·E, and generative video model Sora that are leading the industry and delivering outstanding results.


  • Free Plan: $0/month, limited to GPT 3.5 model, allows unlimited messages, interactions, and history, 1-month save duration, 550 questions to ask, and 35MB max PDF upload size
  • Plus Plan: $20/month, access to GPT-4 and DALL·E 3 generative AI models with Vision, Browsing, Advanced Data Analysis, allows web browsing and creating custom GPTs
  • Team Plan: $25 per user/month, everything from the Plus plan, but the GPT-4 model has a higher message cap, admin console for workspace management suited for small teams
  • Enterprise Plan: custom plan, unlimited, high-speed access to GPT and all tools, largest context window for inputs, and SAML SSO


  • Industry-Leading Output Quality: ChatGPT (GPT-4 model) offers the best output quality and can effectively give real-time answers to any question on any topic, write blog posts, calculate maths formulas, write code, and so much more


  • Limited Free Plan: You have to be on the Pro Plan to get the most out of ChatGPT (access to GPT-4 model) and access to DALL·E AI image generation
  • Closed AI: As much as OpenAI’s brand name screams ‘openness,’ the company is entirely closed and does not open-source its AI models. It’s likely that AI is not being ethically developed and managed, for the sole purpose of achieving AGI first, which increases the risk of potential AI threat to humankind

Who is this best for?

ChatGPT is the ideal for just about anyone.

Key features

  • Can upload images and files for better prompting
  • Gets more accurate with more use as it picks up on usage patterns

3. Midjourney: Best AI Image Generation Website

Where you have ChatGPT for leading text generation, Midjourney is the leading image-generative model that outshines DALL·E in overall image output quality.

Midjourney is an AI tool that can generate images based on a few words.


  • Basic Plan: $10/month, allows 3.3 hours of fast GPU time per month, no stealth mode, maximum concurrent jobs limited at 3 jobs, and 10 jobs waiting in the queue.
  • Standard Plan: $30/month, same as the basic plan, but allows 15 hours of fast GPU time per month and unlimited relax GPU time
  • Pro Plan: $60/month, if you’re a company making more than $1M in revenue per year, then this plan is a must with full commercial access. You also get 30 hours of fast GPU time per month, unlimited relax GPU time, stealth mode, and up to 12 fast jobs and 3 relaxed jobs at a time.
  • Mega Plan: $120/month, includes everything from Pro Plan, plus 60 hours of fast GPU time per month.


  • Realistic Output Quality Variations: It generates hyper-realistic images and prepares different variations
  • Useful Multi Prompts Shortcut: Allows you to define more than one concept during image generation using a double colon (::) within your prompt.


  • No Free Plan: There’s no free plan option to test and try out Midjourney before paying for it
  • You Need a Discord Account: The biggest drawback of Midjourney is that you need a Discord account to use the platform, which can be increasingly complex to use for beginners.

Who is this best for?

Midjourney is best suited for artists, content creators, entrepreneurs, and enterprises looking to spend a bit to get the best and most realistic images and art.

Key features

  • Enables users to use advanced commands to set particular parameters before generating pictures.

4. Tome: Best AI Presentations Website

Tome allows you to generatively create visually appealing presentations (called tome) using the latest AI models.

All you have to do is give it the proper context and what information you want to include in the pitch deck. It designs the templates alongside the content to save you a lot of time and effort.


  • Free Plan: $0/month, allows 5 tomes (presentations) to be created per person
  • Pro Plan: $16/month, same as basic plan but allows unlimited tome for all workspace members, PDF export, remove Tome watermark, add custom logos, custom fonts, and priority support
  • Enterprise Plan: custom plan, that includes everything in the Pro Plan but with additional white-glove template setup service and dedicated CSM


  • Relevant Content Suggestions: It analyzes your presentation topic and gives content suggestions, helping you create more contextually relevant slides
  • Design Recommendations: Suggest relevant color palette, design, and layout to make your pitch deck more professional
  • Multi-Language Support: Offers translation features to reach a global audience, minimizing language barriers


  • Unnecessary Info Dump: You might have to edit some slides to balance out the info dump

Who is this best for?

Corporates who have to prepare pitch decks and presentations for clients regularly. Not only will this save them a lot of time, but it also gives new ideas to implement in future slides

Key features

  • Combines text and images seamlessly to produce visually engaging stories in presentations
  • Translation features allow slide decks to be consumed by a global audience

5. Microsoft Copilot: Best AI Productivity Tool

Microsoft Copilot is an AI-powered assistant from Microsoft that helps you with tasks across different Microsoft services and apps such as Teams, Outlook, Microsoft Office Suite, and more.

From scanning documents and highlighting essential parts to recording, transcribing, and summarizing meetings, this AI website is an all-in-one solution.


  • Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365: $30 per user/month (charged annually), allows AI integration with Teams, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, and other Microsoft 365 apps, provides Copilot chat and enterprise-grade security


  • Available Across Microsoft 365 Apps: Copilot simplifies the usage of Mircosoft Office Suite products like Teams, Outlook, Microsoft Office Suite, and more by integrating generative AI capabilities and seamlessly syncing data across all applications for more cohesive workspace collaboration.


  • Privacy Concerns: There are some reports that the data that is provided with Microsoft Copilot is heavily used for training which causes safety concerns, particularly for businesses and enterprises
  • No Free Plan and Expensive: There is no free plan, and the paid plan is expensive for its price (even more than ChatGPT) for the regular user to make the most out of it

Who is this best for?

Best for users and businesses that utilize the Microsoft 365 suite of applications and are seeking to improve communication and collaboration in their workplace.

Moreover, it makes the entire process of conducting meetings more streamlined by facilitating discussions, preparing agendas, or providing insights.

Key features

  • Works like a directory for workplace meetings and discussions by taking meeting minutes and working as a data retrieval system that fetches information across all Microsoft 365 suite of apps.

6. Gemini by Google: Best AI to Summarize YouTube Videos, Search Google, and Analyze Gmail

Gemini.ai is an AI provided by Google that is built for multimodality. Do you want a blog post read and summarized to you?

Give Gemini a voice command on your Android device, and it will do the job. Similarly, it can filter out emails in your Gmail and read out unread messages, saving you the hassle of opening them individually. Gemini can also summarize YouTube videos, analyze your Google Calendar


  • Free Plan: Allows unlimited messages but utilizes the basic Gemini Pro model
  • Gemini Advanced Plan: $19.99/month, which is part of the Google One AI Premium plan, offers the Gemini Advanced model, which is comparable in performance to that of OpenAI’s GPT-4 model

Let’s now go over the pros and cons that we’ve found.


  • Helpful Google Suite of Apps Integration: Allows you to fetch data from the Google apps you use, such as Google Maps, YouTube, and Gmail. As for YouTube, Gemini can simplify long-form YouTube videos into short summaries


  • Has Quite a Few Bugs: Gemini is not as polished as ChatGPT is, and the free plan delivers underwhelming performance when compared to GPT-3. Gemini also lacks keeping context across multiple messages, and there have been reports that users encountered some irregularities in speech recognition.

Who is this best for?

For users that are immersed in the Google ecosystem of applications like Gmail, YouTube, and Google Maps, as well as for those looking for a ChatGPT alternative that is widely accessible across the globe (since Anthrophic’s Claude is not).

Key features

  • Utilizes multi-step reasoning to analyze prompts and converse with users

7. Cleanup.pictures: Best AI Image Retouch and Object Remover Website

Removing unwanted objects, texts, or people from pictures can be such a hassle. Doing this in Photoshop is possible, but the high learning curve to understand and utilize Photoshop’s interface can deter a lot of users.

This is where Cleanup.pictures works as a lifesaver by enabling users to retouch any picture in seconds with a simple user interface.

The website uses AI to analyze the image you upload and then hide any objects by giving you the tools to do so.


  • Free Plan: $0/month, offers unlimited images to retouch and remove objects, but resolution is limited to 720p
  • Pro Plan: $5/month, offers unlimited images and no resolution cap


  • Drag and Drop Mechanism: The user interface is easy to use and makes it intuitive to navigate through the interface
  • No Size Limit: The Pro version has no size limit. So you can export high-resolution pictures


  • Limited Resolution on Free Plan: The free version allows exporting files in 720p only.

Who is this best for?

Photographers and creative agencies who work with a large number of pictures regularly can use Cleanup.pictures to retouch images instantly.

Besides saving time, with the paid Pro plan, the tool allows to maintain the image quality and resolution.

Key features

  • Utilizes AI models to identify unwanted objects in images and remove them without changing the original image

8. Synthesia.io: Best AI Avatar-Focused Video Creation Website (150 words)

With Synthesia, you will be able to generate avatar-focused videos at scale with the help of AI.

By providing text prompts and ideas of the kind of video you would like to see, Synthesia will then process using its AI model to generate videos effortlessly that is tailored to your instructions.


  • Starter Plan: $29/month, provides 1 editor and 3 guests access, 120 minutes of video per year, and 70+ avatars to choose from
  • Creator Plan: $89/month, provides 1 editor and 5 guests access, 360 minutes of video per year, and 90+ avatars, also includes custom fonts, audio downloads, and branded share page
  • Enterprise Plan: custom plan, provides a customized number of editors and guests, unlimited minutes of videos, 140+ avatars, and priority support


  • Tons of Avatars to Choose From: Synthesia creates over 150 ethnically diverse AI avatars used for the user guide videos
  • Support for 120+ Languages: Can create voiceovers in 120+ languages


  • No Free Plan: Synthesia does not offer a free plan to test out its AI video-generating capabilities before purchasing one of the paid plans, the only way would be to book a demo
  • Quality Is Not on Par With Professional Video Production: Videos created on Synthesia lack the professional cinematic edge

Who is this best for?

Instructors and teams who make tutorial and training videos at scale. Synthesia allows big teams to achieve efficiency by making AI videos and voiceovers, giving perfect instructions that otherwise would have taken days to make

Key features

  • Provides customized avatar creation by cloning your face and voice to use in videos


In conclusion, AI websites offer remarkable solutions to automate tasks and boost productivity across various domains.

From content creation to professional presentations, each platform provides a unique set of features that are tailored to specific needs.

Adopting these AI tools can significantly enhance efficiency, inspire creativity, and drive innovation in our daily operations and professional projects.

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