Snapchat Lens Creator Spotlight: Kaden

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OLC Kaden (guccikaden) is well on his way to 100k subscribers on Snapchat. The young creator tends toward vintage-inspired lenses that make this Millennial yearn for the days of Lisa Frank stickers and Y2K. With so many fun, aesthetic Lenses, it’s no surprise Kaden is making waves in the Lens creation world. I had a quick chat with the Lens maker to learn more.

Q: How long have you been using Snapchat? When did you start making your own lenses?

A: I’ve been using Snapchat since 2017 and I started making my own lenses in January 2020

Q: Which lens (of ones you’ve made or others) is your current favorite?

A: My favorite lens is “Cute Devil” made by me. I Just took the devil horns and turned it into an aesthetic type filter with cute freckles.

Q: What do you like about creating Lenses and seeing people use them?

A: I absolutely love the process behind creating Lenses and trying to come up with ideas for a new Lens because you never know what people will like and you want people to enjoy your creations. I work extremely hard and put deep thought into each one of my lenses. I try to be different when creating and not follow what everyone else is making. When people use [my Lenses] it honestly makes my day. That’s one of the reasons I create because when people use them and I get such good feedback on them, it’s an amazing feeling.

Q: What inspires your Lenses?

A: Basically I’ll just be in school or in art class and I’ll see something I really like and I’m like “okay that has to go on a Snapchat filter as soon as possible.”

Q: As a Lens Studio Creator, what opportunities do you think a tool like SnapML provides?

A: It makes you see the world through a different perspective and I love that. If you wanna see the world through Froot Loops and different types of crazy stuff [you can do that.] I love ML personally and I think it gives users a chance to experience the world around them in a unique way.

Q: What would be your dream project if money, time, and support weren’t an issue?

A: Working for a big company has always been a dream for me.

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