Snapchat Lens Creator Spotlight: Paper Triangles

Frank and Xuan of Paper Triangles really enjoy and are enthusiastic about the work they do—that was one of my main takeaways from my recent conversation with them.

Their Lenses reflect that spirit—they’re often vibrant and atmospheric, with a generally light color palette that sometimes verges on something resembling neon.

I also appreciate how they use old ceramic statue heads to display their Lenses on their Creator profile—adds a sense of elegance and grandiosity that complement their aesthetic nicely.

Additionally, they had a couple fun Arrested Development Lenses that had me feeling nostalgic.

When I reached out to Frank to chat about his take on SnapML, he was one of the most enthusiastic about the new framework’s possibilities, but also quite thoughtful about its current limitations.

Below are the highlights of a recent conversation Frank Shi and I had about his agency Paper Triangles and their take on the new ML capabilities inside SnapML.

Q: Tell us a bit about your experiences creating Lenses — what about them appeals to you, and what kinds of Lenses do you like creating?

A: For us, it’s the accessibility of Lenses. The fact that you pull out your phone and walk into another world is mind-blowing. AR has been such a pain to create, but with Snapchat and Lens Studio, it changes how we share our AR art. Our favorite Lenses are portals, world Lenses, and marker Lenses. We’re artists first, and creating worlds with detail is one of our favorite things. Be it magical, fantastical, or realistic.

Q: In what ways do your Lenses currently use machine learning?

A: Currently, we’ve been using the Foot Tracking ML template a lot. Since we’re a Snapchat Lens partner, our main use with Lens studio of late is to help service Snap’s clients. Increasingly, more and more footwear brands have been using the Foot ML Template to track their shoes to a Snapchatter’s feet.

Q: If your Lenses do use machine learning, did you build those ML models yourself? If you didn’t, what did you do to find or otherwise create them?

A: We did not build them ourselves — they were provided by Snap. We do know there are some ML databases out there that we can use.

Q: As a Lens Studio Creator, what opportunities do you think a tool like SnapML provides?

A: I think SnapML provides really technical people a way to express themselves through art and AI. And I think it allows creative people to tap into very powerful capabilities that are only possible through machine learning. And ultimately, what it means to us as creators is that pandora’s box is open, and we’ll one day have full occlusion — because that’s really all I want!

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