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Basic Plan Includes

  • iOS + Android SDK
  • Use any of our ML-backed features
  • Measure, Manage, and Deploy up to 10 models
  • 1-million monthly active devices included
  • Chat and email support in business hours

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Premium + Basic Features

  • Unlimited monthly active devices
  • Unlimited custom models
  • Input/output prediction database
  • Custom model protection/encryption
  • Month-to-month commitment, cancel anytime
  • Chat, email, and phone support 24/7

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Expert Services

Our expert services provide you with unparalleled access to machine learning experts. From research to deployment, our team can help with the entire edge-ML lifecycle.

From $1,000

Modeling and Training

  • Collect, label, and augment training data
  • Model architecture R&D
  • Prepared templates for training

Mobile and Hardware Deployment

  • Improve on-device speed and power usage
  • Compress model size to requirements
  • ML-adjacent app & software development

ML Expertise

  • Develop edge-based solutions rapidly
  • Avoid performance and accuracy bottlenecks
  • Support every use-case on all platforms

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