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Personalize user experience, increase
sales, and make happy customers.

  • Enable users to try on new clothing, sunglasses, and more
  • Personalize recommendations for each individual shopper
  • Help users find exactly what they're looking for with visual product search

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Find problems, measure results,
save time and money.

  • Detect visual anomalies, diagnose failures, predict repairs
  • Monitor safety procedures and equipment visually
  • Measure worker postures and movements for specific tasks
  • View future equipment placement in mixed-reality environments

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Make more creative interactions for your users
with voice, video, and photography.

  • Make photos and videos look like works of art with style transfer
  • Transform and manipulate voice, impersonate celebrities
  • Render unique visualizations for music
  • Create studio-quality portraits without expensive equipment
  • Automatically tag and organize photos

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Interact with worlds and characters in ways
you've never before imagined.

  • Create human-like AI characters trained on observed real play data
  • Allow voice control interactions
  • Adapt gameplay based on user interest and skill

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Embrace the amazing new possibilities of mixing
software with real-world environments.

  • Place and measure furniture in rooms to see how it looks
  • Control and manipulate mixed-reality objects with real hand gestures
  • Interactively try makeup, clothing, and home decor

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Save time and get more done by leveraging the
interactive power of mobile devices.

  • Scan receipts, ID cards, and more with your camera
  • Enhance app interfaces with voice control and motion gestures
  • Identify people or objects in an entire mobile photo collection

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Turn over control to create awe-inspiring
moments for your users.

  • Build autonomous drones that sense and avoid objects
  • Run unmanned vehicles that self-navigate through courses
  • Create machines that automatically scan and explore the real-world

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