Features for Mobile ML

Machine learning powered features for every app

Image Labeling

Image Labeling

Recognize people, places, and things

Use Image Labeling to recognize people, places, and things in your app. This computer vision model understands a collection of hundreds of labels.

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Style Transfer

Style Transfer

Stylize Photos and the world around you

Use Style Transfer to bring real-time, artistic styles to your apps. Transform photos into masterpieces painted by history’s greatest artists. Great for creative camera apps and user-generated content.

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Image Segmentation

Image Segmentation

Interpret images pixel by pixel

Use Image Segmentation to recognize everyday objects and identify exactly which pixels belong to each object. Great for creating pixel-level masks, performing portrait segmentation and more.

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Object Detection

Object Detection

Identify objects within an image or live video

Use Object Detection to identify and track things within the contents of an image or each frame of live video. Helps with everything from photography to autonomy.

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ML Analytics

Analytics + Monitoring

Enhance machine learning usage in your app

Use Fritz to monitor machine learning models running on-device. You can easily measure and update your models on both iOS and Android devices as your model improves.

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Custom Models

Use a Custom Model

Manage your own custom models

Use custom models with the SDK to monitor usage and performance, or deploy updated models over-the-air. Support for iOS Core ML, TensorFlow Lite and TensorFlow mobile.

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